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LiHO TEA Has New Fluffy Light Milk Tea Cloud Series—SG’s First ‘Lighter’ Version Of BBT

5th December 2023

LiHO TEA launches new Light Milk Tea Cloud series

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In our office, the group chat is constantly pinging with requests for bubble tea group orders. Like any Singaporean, we love our bubble tea, but let’s be honest: those calories stack up. Bubble tea goes down fast, but they’re not the most nutritious beverages. Enter LiHO TEA’s latest Light Milk Tea Cloud series, a lighter yet equally tasty alternative to your regular BBT, available in four new flavours. 

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Priced at $5.30 a cup, their Light Milk Tea Cloud series includes Jasmine Light Milk Tea Cloud, Osmanthus Light Milk Tea Cloud, Orchid Light Milk Tea Cloud, and Money Money Light Milk Tea Cloud. These drinks are made using premium tea leaves that bring out the full-bodied flavour and fragrant aroma of each BBT. 

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Let’s start the list of drinks with our favourite—the Money Money Light Milk Tea Cloud stars Glutinous Rice Dark Tea as its base, topped with a mousse-like foam, as well as blue pea powder.

liho-tea-Light-milk-tea-cloud-bluepea-powder (7)

Just think of pulut hitam, made less sweet, in the form of a drink! The taste of glutinous rice is apparent, so we’re certain this will tickle your fancy if you’re a fan of nutty flavours. 

liho-tea-Light-milk-tea-cloud-sugar-bits (6)

Next, we have the Jasmine Light Milk Tea Cloud. This drink features floral jasmine tea, topped with a creamy foam and sugar crunch bits. 

liho-tea-Light-milk-tea-cloud-jasmine-light-milk-tea (10)

If you’re big on strong tea flavours in your milk tea, this drink is made for you.

liho-tea-Light-milk-tea-cloud-orchid-light-milk-tea-cloud (3)

Moving on to what we thought was the most interesting out of the four flavours: their Orchid Light Milk Tea Cloud, which is essentially spring in a cup. 

liho-tea-Light-milk-tea-cloud-strawberry-powder (14)

Rich oolong tea forms the base of this gorgeous drink that’s topped with pink strawberry powder. This winning combination of roasted oolong tea and milky foam gives you a mildly sweet and earthy aftertaste that we found to be addictive. 

liho-tea-Light-milk-tea-cloud-osmanthus (11)

Finally, we have the beautiful Osmanthus Light Milk Tea Cloud that uses green tea as its base, and dried osmanthus flowers as the finishing touch. 

liho-tea-Light-milk-tea-cloud-osmanthus-light-milk-tea (4)

You can expect a unique concoction of flavours for this one—it’s subtly sweet, elevated with floral and fruity notes. We recommend giving the milk tea and fluffy foam a good mix to get the best drinking experience. 

liho-tea-Light-milk-tea-cloud-interaction-shot (9)

Though distinctly different in taste, these four drinks share one thing in common: they are made without preservatives, trans fat, dairy creamer, artificial creamer, and hydrogenated vegetable oil. A huge win for those who crave bubble tea every other day! 

liho-tea-Light-milk-tea-cloud-light-milk-tea-series (2)

For those who want another healthy alternative, we encourage you to get a drink from their Light Milk Tea series. There are three flavours available, namely: Gardenia Light Milk Tea, Lychee Light Milk Tea, and Da Hong Pao Light Milk Tea. Each cup costs $4.90! We particularly enjoyed the Lychee Light Milk Tea as it was sufficiently fruity, sweet, and refreshing all at once.

liho-tea-Light-milk-tea-cloud-plant-based-drinks (8)

Even better, there are plant-based milk alternatives that you can opt for such as their Lychee Oat Milk Tea ($5.30) or Gardenia Coconut Milk Tea ($5.30).

liho-tea-Light-milk-tea-cloud-pure-tea-series (5)

Bubble tea doesn’t always have to include milk—you can opt for their Pure Tea series with the likes of Lychee Rose Tie Guan Yin Tea ($4.30), and Money Money Sweetea ($4.30). The former uses oolong tea, while the latter stars dark tea as the key ingredient. 

If you’d like to take it a step further, add a topping of your choice out of these eight: brown sugar pearl, coconut jelly, coconut noodles, highland barley pops, osmanthus crystal, white pearl, black gems, and aloe vera. 

liho-tea-Light-milk-tea-cloud-prep-shot (16)

Do note that all drinks part of LiHO TEA’s newest series are only available in the medium size. They will be available from 8 December 2023, from all outlets across the country.

Good news to all LiHO TEA members, there’s a 1-for-1 promo running from 14 December 2023 to 14 February 2024. Take note that the promo only includes the Light Milk Tea Cloud series! 

Find out about LiHO TEA’s Fluffy Light Milk Tea Cloud series!

Full list of outlets | Website

Photos taken by Melvin Mak.
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