Maelookanom: Home Baker Has Yaowarat Buns Filled With Hokkaido Milk Custard And Milo Croutons
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Maelookanom: Home Baker Has Yaowarat Buns Filled With Hokkaido Milk Custard And Milo Croutons

30th September 2021

Maelookanom for Thai custard buns and more

You don’t have to travel to the land of smiles for your Yaowarat bun fix; home-based business Maelookanom specialises in authentic Thai custard buns, and deep-fried savoury bread commonly found in Bangkok’s Chinatown.

maelookanom thai breadImage credit: @maelookanom

Started by home baker Khun Mew, Maelookanom offers a small selection of Thai Custard Filling Bread Roll in popular flavours such as Hokkaido Milk ($3.50), Thai Milk Tea ($5), and Pandan ($5.50). If you’re feeling adventurous, you can consider trying the Citrus Custard with Chicken Floss ($6) option.

maelookanom thai custard bunsImage credit: @maelookanom

Savoury fillings are not to be missed, either. The Fried Bread Series offers flavours including Crab Meat Mayo ($6), Pizza with Ham ($7), and Spicy Chicken Floss ($6.50). They’re packed with filling, and then deep-fried to order for maximum freshness. These fried buns are only available for pre-order, which closes every Wednesday. Collection is on Fridays.

maelookanom thai bread deep fried
Image credit: @maelookanom

If you love Milo, try their newest addition to the menu, Milo Croutons ($6.50), which you can also add to your online pre-order. Instead of the usual savoury seasoning, which you’ll find in most croutons, Maelookanom’s rendition uses a sweet Milo coating instead. It’s packed in a resealable packet so you can snack on-the-go, whenever you want!

maelookanom thai custard buns
Image credit: @maelookanom

For custard buns, pre-order closes every Thursday and collection takes place on Sundays. You can place your pre-order online, or WhatsApp 8309 4019. Alternatively, you can DM them on IG for any enquiries.

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Feature image adapted from @urbanladiessg and @maelookanom.

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