This Hotel Has Black Truffle And Cognac Tiramisu Mooncakes Flavours To Wow The Fam This Mid-Autumn Festival |
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This Hotel Has Black Truffle And Cognac Tiramisu Mooncakes Flavours To Wow The Fam This Mid-Autumn Festival

3rd August 2022

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s Mooncake Treasures

singapore marriott tang plaza mooncakes

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, which means Singapore will have a bit of a mooncake craze in the coming month. If you’re grappling with the multitude of mooncake options available and are a bit lost for choice, let us direct you to the mooncakes from Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, because they’ve got options for every type of mooncake preference and personality.

This year, the hotel’s acclaimed Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant has created five new baked and snowskin mooncake flavours that will definitely impress your loved ones, or those who receive them as a gift.

cognac tiramisu mooncakes

The Cognac Truffle Snowskin Mooncake ($82 for eight pieces) is a standout option for booze lovers. These come with a soft snowskin exterior, and a creamy coffee filling, complete with a silken cognac chocolate truffle in the middle. 

cognac tiramisu mooncake cross section

The cognac and tiramisu pairing makes for a luscious, bittersweet match, with just the slightest hint of alcohol giving each mouthful a bit of a bite.

black truffle jamon iberico mooncakes

Gourmands can look forward to getting their hands on the Golden Black Truffle Baked Mooncakes with Jamon Iberico Ham & Single Yolk ($88 for four pieces). For starters, these baked mooncakes feature a black-and-gold pastry that really catches the eye. 

black truffle mooncakes

Slice them open, and you’ll reveal an indulgent filling of black truffle-infused lotus paste studded with bits of Jamon Iberico ham, complemented by a single salted egg yolk. These mooncakes are very savoury—great as a gift for those who always have a gripe that regular baked mooncakes are too sweet.

marriot baked mooncakes

If you know someone who is a tad health-conscious but still wants to get in on the Mid-Autumn Festival fun, go for the Imperial “Long Jing” Tea with Pumpkin Seeds Baked Mooncakes ($82 for four pieces). This baked mooncake’s filling is perfumed with premium Long Jing Tea, and packed with pumpkin seeds for crunch. It’s also a great mooncake to purchase for the traditionalists in your life!

marriott snowskin mooncakes

The Tropical Soursop Vanilla Snowskin Mooncakes ($80 for eight pieces) and Peach Passionfruit Truffle Blueberry Snowskin Mooncakes ($80 for eight pieces) are great picks if you’re looking for kid-friendly mooncake options, or just flavours to intrigue. 

The former is made with a pure soursop fruit filling, so it’s ultra-refreshing.

blueberry passionfruit mooncakes

The latter is packed with sweet, mellow, and tangy notes—a must-try for fruit-lovers.

Whatever type of personality you’re shopping for this Mid-Autumn Festival, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel has you covered. Apart from the new flavours, the hotel also has an extensive selection of classic baked and snowskin mooncakes that have been crowd favourites for years.

Order from now till 14 August to enjoy 20% off. If you’ve missed the early bird specials, fret not! Orders placed between 15 August to 10 September, will receive 15% off! Opt for self-collection from now till 10 September, and enjoy an additional 8% off your cart.

Buy these mooncakes from Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel here!

Photos taken by Zihui Tan.
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