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MasterChef Asia Premieres September 3rd With 3 Singaporeans

5th August 2015


Fire Up The Woks!


Everyone’s favorite kitchen reality TV show is back again, this time in Asia. The show pits amateur chefs against each other in a culinary battle royale for the top prize, a fully funded cookbook of their own.

Contestants hail from various countries in Asia, including three from Singapore:

1. Lennard


An engineer by trade, Lennard has exchanged his wrench for a ladle. Inspired by Chefs on TV and Youtube, he discovered the wonders of cooking.

2. Sandrian


Her Thai and Chinese heritage has had her surrounded by herbs and spices since she was a wee baby and Sandrian is set to cook up a storm this season.

3. Leong


Tired of wearing funny lawyer wigs all day, Leong has decided to try his hand with the culinary adventure of a lifetime. Will he successfully close this case or will be he overruled? Only time will tell.

It’s on TV!

Now that you’re all pumped up here are the details for the show:

When: September 3rd 2015, 9pm

Where: Lifetime Channel

Good luck contestants, may the odds be forever in your favour.

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