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McDonald’s Matcha Soft Serve Returns, Including Hot Fudge Matcha Sundae And McFlurry

28th September 2023

McDonald’s matcha ice creams are back

If you missed your chance to grab the $0.50 McDonald’s soft serve cones when they were on promotion, here’s some good news: the fast food giant has brought back their Matcha Soft Serve flavour, available for a limited time only.

mcdonald's matcha soft serve
Image credit: @mcdsg

McDonald’s has blended the rich, earthy notes of matcha with their signature soft-serve’s creaminess to craft a treat that’s both indulgent and refreshing. You get the sweetness of the vanilla base, and the grassy, bitter notes of matcha, all in one soft serve.

Image credit: @mcdsg

The ice cream is available in a few different formats. There’s the classic Matcha Cone ($1.20), and the Twist Cone ($1.20). The former is all matcha soft serve atop a wafer cone, while the latter is a twist between green tea and vanilla ice creams.

mcdonald's matcha ice cream
Image credit: @mcdsg

The Matcha Hot Fudge Sundae ($2.40) is a personal fave, blending the ooey-gooey, warm hot fudge syrup with the bittersweet matcha. If you’re on team Oreo, then try their Matcha McFlurry ($3.55), where the ice cream is blitzed till creamy with crushed Oreo pieces. 

McDonald's - Beef and Chicken Samurai Burgers

That’s not all: McDonald’s has recently announced that the Samurai Burger is back for a limited time only. Available in both beef and chicken versions, the burger comes with a mouth-watering teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and crispy lettuce, and is priced from $7. Aside from the burger, the Seaweed McShaker Fries are also back, along with an all-new White Peach Yoghurt Pie ($1.80).

McDonald’s Samurai Burger And Seaweed Shaker Fries Are Back With New White Peach Yoghurt Pie

All these items are now available at McDonald’s outlets islandwide, so grab them while you can. For the Matcha soft serves, your best bet is to find them at McDonald’s dessert kiosks.

For more new spots to get desserts, check out Bing Tang Tang Shui, a new retro office-themed dessert cafe with old-school Taiwanese and Chinese treats such as orh nee.

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Featured image adapted from @mcdsg

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