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McDonald’s McGriddles And Chocolate Pie Returns On 17 Feb 2020

13th February 2020

McGriddles returns to all outlets on 17 Feb 2020!


I remember eating McGriddles as a child. The sweet and savoury pancake-buns sandwiching a gorgeous patty of chicken sausage were just so tasty to me. The prospect of sinking my teeth into this decadent breakfast dish and reliving my childhood was just so exciting.

Similar to before, McGriddles will be released for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This means you won’t need to be an early rise to enjoy this sweet breakfast burger.

McGriddles - close up
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The highly coveted breakfast item will return at the same price of $6 for an Extra Value Meal of the Sausage McGriddles with Egg.


McGriddles - Sausage McGriddles
Image credit: McDonald’s

If you want something lighter for breakfast, there’s the Sausage McGriddles option that features the signature sausage patty cradled between two maple-flavoured griddle cakes. 

As if the good news weren’t enough, there will also be a new McGriddles launching this year. Ideal for those with a ravenous appetite, the McGriddles Stack ($6.20 for a la carte, $7.10 as an Extra Value Meal) will feature two pieces of chicken sausage patties, melted cheese, a sunny-side-up as well as strips of crispy chicken bacon. 

mcdonald's chocolate pie half

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Those with a sweet tooth can further rejoice, as the Chocolate Pie ($1.50) is making a comeback too with its decadent chocolate casing filled with molten chocolate filling.

McDonald's Quiz - Big Breakfast

To make things even better, McDonald’s will be bringing back their 1-for-1 deal on breakfast items between 20 Feb to 18 Mar 2020, all of which will be exclusively available on the app. These include 1-for-1 Big Breakfast and Filet-O-Fish!

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