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This New Bedok Bakery Has Cheap Chiffon Cakes In 13 Different Flavours

25th April 2023

MZW Bakery has $2 chiffon cakes in Bedok


If you’re constantly on the hunt for cheap and good bakes, here’s a new recommendation for you. MZW Bakery is a new bakery in Bedok with an array of chiffon cakes, Swiss rolls, buns and more!


MZW is actually an acronym for Mai Zhi Wei 麦之味 (mài zhī wèi) , which means “Flavour of Wheat” in Mandarin. The name was inspired by the founder’s name, Michael, whose name sounds similar to the Chinese word for wheat 麦 (mài). In addition, they wanted the name to reflect their focus on baking with wheat-based ingredients—a staple of most baked goods.


Here, you’ll find chiffon cakes that come in a whopping 13 flavours, all priced from $2. Take your pick from classics such as Chocolate, Pandan, Coffee, to more unique flavours including Blueberry Yoghurt, Mango, and Durian.


These chiffon cakes are light, fluffy, and well-balanced with a mild sweetness. No artificial sweeteners are used in their cakes as well.


Aside from their chiffon cakes, MZW Bakery also has other baked items worth a try. Their Swiss rolls come in various flavours including Biscoff, Chocolate, and Vanilla. For those looking for a sweet treat to perk you up, try their Biscoff Roll ($3.50), which boasts a distinctly sweet, caramelised taste. 


Alternatively, for something even more indulgent, try their Paris-Brest ($5), which features choux pastry piped with sweet praline cream in the middle, and topped with sliced almonds.


The old-school Marble Cake ($3.50) is great for something lighter on the palate. The cake is served in a thick triangular slice and features swirls of chocolate throughout. While it may be slightly denser than their other cakes, it still maintains its softness and moisture, making it a great choice for an afternoon tea-time snack. 


For more food to try in Bedok, check out Fatty Patty Burger and Grill, which has alcohol-infused burgers and charcoal-grilled meat at The Bedok Marketplace. Alternatively, for more interesting bakes, check out DOME Bakery, a new bakery which has extra-fudgy brownies and muffins in Chinatown.

Address: 158 Bedok South Avenue 3, #01-585, Singapore 460158
Opening hours: Sat-Thurs 8am to 8pm
MZW Bakery is not a halal-certified eatery but uses no pork or lard.

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Photos taken by Ke-Ian J Leong ZhengXi.
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