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Nasi Lemak Ice-Cream Sundae Is Now A Thing

1st February 2017

Nasi lemak ice-cream brings all the foodies to Skream’s yard


Dipping fries in my ice-cream is as far as I’ve gone to when it comes to sweet-savoury food experiments, and for the record, it tastes great. If you’re already giving me weird looks, prepare yourself because a crazier combo now exists – nasi lemak ice-cream.


If it could be a meal replacement, the sweet-tooth in me would be queuing up for a cup of this all day, every day. Sadly, it doesn’t stand up to being one because nasi (rice) isn’t included. Instead, the familiar creamy, nutty fragrance of coconut rice is made with fresh coconut and lemongrass. The usual toppings in nasi lemak such as sambal, egg, peanuts, ikan bilis, and a slice of cucumber are added over a scoop of the ice-cream.


Nasi lemak ice-cream was created by Skream Softserve, and owner Melissa Tan spent three months perfecting the nasi lemak flavour in the ice-cream. It’s served at a pop-up in Caffe Diem, which is located in Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia. Nasi Lemak purists may prefer other options such as Skream’s signature Uji Matcha soft serve, or other upcoming unique creations as Skream expands its menu.


It’s a tad far from Singapore, so we can only hope that Skream has plans to bring this game-changing sundae to our shores. Meanwhile, check out some more conventional but equally Insta-worthy ice-cream desserts you can get in Singapore.

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