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Karamucho: Japan’s No. 1 Spicy Snack Has New Cheese Flavour In SG

30th April 2024

NISSIN Karamucho launches new Hot Chilli Cheese flavour chips

If spicy potato chips are your jam, you’ll want in on this: NISSIN is expanding its wildly popular Karamucho potato chips line to include a new flavour, Hot Chilli Cheese. These will be available at major supermarkets, though prices vary according to the outlet.

nissin karamucho spicy chips

For those who don’t know, Karamucho is the name of NISSIN’s spicy chips range. The range arrived in Singapore last year, with their signature Hot Chilli Flavour.

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nissin hot chilli chips

They also happen to be the number one spicy snack brand in Japan—a credit we don’t take lightly. Anyone who has ever stepped into a Japanese konbini or supermarket will know that Japan is home to such a wild variety of snacks, so for something to stand out from the crowd and become number one, it has to be really good.

nissin karamucho hot chilli cheese spicy chips

Unlike other spicy chips, the new Hot Chilli Cheese flavour chips aren’t coloured an alarming red. Instead, you get regular, golden-yellow crisps, but don’t let appearances fool you, as they do live up to their name!

NISSIN promises that their new Karamucho Hot Chilli Cheese Chips will be umami and addictively cheesy, and we have to agree. Not only do these pack quite the spicy punch, but they also have a dusting of cheese powder that makes the snack extra addictive. In our opinion, the cheese powder reminds us of nacho cheese, so if that’s up your alley, you’ll love these. 

Another thing we love about these chips: they’re thick-cut and wavy. Wavy-cut chips offer lots more real estate for the seasoning powder to catch on, ensuring that each bite is extra flavourful. 

The next time you’re looking for a snack to keep you going in the middle of a long work day, to accompany you while you’re gaming or binging on your next Netflix series, try NISSIN’s Karamucho Hot Chilli Cheese Chips!

Get NISSIN’s Karamucho chips here!

Photos taken by Melvin Mak.
This post is brought to you by NISSIN.

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