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Get The Viral Pistachio Kunafe Chocolate Bar At This Online Bakery

8th July 2024

Nova Bakehouse has famous kunafe chocolate bars in Singapore


Here’s a PSA for all those with a sweet tooth: you can now get the Dubai-famous, TikTok-viral kunafe chocolate bars in Singapore! These thick and chunky chocolate bars, inspired by the ones sold at Fix Dessert Chocolate in Dubai, are available at online bakery Nova Bakehouse.


couldn’t fly to Dubai but we managed to snag the viral pistachio chocolate bar from homegrown online bakery @nova bakehouse sg 🇸🇬! 🍫 We tried their other chocolate bar flavours as well, including Brownie Sa-More Chocolate and Pistachio Cheese Kunafe. tag someone who would drop $25 on a bar of chocolate 👀

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In case you didn’t know, these loaded chocolate bars have taken the internet by storm. While the ones at Fix Dessert Chocolatier come in a range of flavours, the most popular one seems to be Can’t Get Knafeh of It-Hero (65 AED/~S$24), which features crispy kunafe mixed with pistachio and tahini paste, encased in milk chocolate.


They’re said to constantly sell out in Dubai, so you can consider trying Nova Bakehouse’s version if you’ve always been curious about them.


The best-selling Pistachio Kunafe Chocolate bar goes for $25, and comes loaded with creamy pistachio paste and shredded filo pastry within.


The sweet-salty combination of the chocolate and pistachio, complemented by the crispy kunafe, makes this flavour a must-try. The pistachio paste was thick and luscious in texture, pairing well with the crunchy kunafe. The nutty flavour was rather mild here though, so hardcore pistachio fans should keep their expectations in check.


We preferred the Pistachio Cream Cheese ($25) bar as the tangy cream cheese helped to offset the sweetness of the pistachio and chocolate.


Besides the viral pistachio bars, Nova Bakehouse also has a Salted Caramel Donut Chocolate Bar ($25), starring a rich and sticky caramel studded with actual doughnut bits and a tinge of sea salt. FYI: we found this to be the sweetest flavour out of the four we tried.


Otherwise, go for their Big Brownie Sa-More Chocolate Bar ($25), filled with a trio of brownies, digestive biscuits, and gooey marshmallows. This was a hot favourite among the team!

For the most bang for your buck, order their Bundle of 4 ($80), so each bar costs just $20 instead of the usual $25.

You can place your order on Nova Bakehouse’s website. Delivery costs $11 per location.

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Nova Bakehouse is a Muslim-owned business.

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Photos taken by Casandra Nicholas.
This was a media drop from Nova Bakehouse. 

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