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Xiaxue Launches Pink Coconut, Serving Up Pink Nasi Lemak For Delivery

3rd January 2024

Pink Coconut by Xiaxue has pink nasi lemak for delivery

We’ve all seen nasi lemak rice coloured blue with butterfly pea flower and pandan-green, but pink nasi lemak is certainly a first. Opened by popular influencer Xiaxue, Pink Coconut is a new nasi lemak store that operates out of a cloud kitchen.

Image credit: Global Cloud Business

This venture is a collaboration with Global Cloud Business, a virtual F&B restaurant and menu creator. After six months of R&D, they’ve come up with the brand’s signatures: coconut rice that’s naturally coloured pink using beetroot, and heart-shaped fried fishcakes.

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Image credit: Global Cloud Business

Here, you have a choice of four proteins to accompany your nasi lemak: Original Chicken Wings, Prawn Paste Chicken Wings, Boneless Chicken Cutlet, and Beef Rendang.

Image credit: Global Cloud Business

Each box of nasi lemak also includes the usual nasi lemak accompaniments of ikan bilis, peanuts, cucumber slices and sambal.

If you’re planning to share, consider the Buddy Meal that’s suitable for two. With this option, you can select two different chicken nasi lemak mains and two beverages; which you can pick between Coke or Green Tea.

Image credit: Global Cloud Business

Besides nasi lemak, they also offer a la carte servings of their chicken and prawn paste wings, boneless chicken cutlet, and Sambal Petai, a flavourful spicy and nutty mix of chilli, hae bee hiam, shallots, and petai beans.

At the time of writing, you can order Pink Coconut’s nasi lemak through foodpanda, deliveroo, and Grab. If delivery is not available in your area, drop them a DM on their Instagram page. Note that the prices of the nasi lemak may vary across different platforms.

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Pink Coconut is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from and Global Cloud Business.

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