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This JB Restaurant Has $0.70 Dim Sum, Has Been Around For 30 Years

15th February 2024

Restoran Kak Kak has cheap dim sum in JB

If you’re crossing the causeway anytime soon and looking for affordable dim sum, put Restoran Kak Kak 佳佳点心茶楼 on your list. Located near Plaza Pelangi, the casual dim sum restaurant is known for their cheap dim sum, which is all still made by hand and served via a roving dim sum cart.

restoran kak kak
Image credit: @mjoycel

The eatery is popular with tourists and locals alike, especially because their dim sum is so affordable, starting at just RM2.50 (~S$0.70) for their char siew bao, red bean bao, and veggie bao.

restoran kak kak cheap dim sum jb
Image credit: @orange_tree_au

Other dim sum options go for RM5 (~S$1.40) or RM5.50 (~S$1.55). The selection varies day by day, but you can expect your usual har gao, siew mai, and chicken feet, as well as some interesting house creations. These include beancurd rolls, egg tarts, seaweed rolls, steamed otah in broth, meat dumplings topped with century egg, and many more.

Image credit: @orange_tree_au

Don’t sweat it if you don’t know what the different dishes are called—simply point at what you want on the server’s roving tray when he comes over to your table.

lo mai gai restoran kak kak
Image credit: @benji_leewj

You should also carb up with the likes of their lo mai gai, AKA glutinous rice topped with steamed chicken. The chicken thigh pieces are tender, and the sticky rice is fragrant with chicken fat and pandan leaves. Their house-made porridge is another option to try, served with minced meat, scallions, and a sesame soya sauce.

FYI, they’re only open three days a week, till 12pm, so head down early to eat your fill. They also do takeaways!

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Address: 9, Jalan Maju, Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru 80400
Opening hours: Sat-Mon 6:30am to 12pm
Restoran Kak Kak is not a halal-certified eatery.

Featured image adapted from @orange_tree_au and @mjoycel

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