Ri Xin Snack Delights: 70 Year-Old Hawker Stall Sells Handmade Ang Ku Kueh At $1 In Maxwell
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Ri Xin Snack Delights: 70 Year-Old Hawker Stall Sells Handmade Ang Ku Kueh At $1 In Maxwell

4th March 2022

Ri Xin Snack Delights at Maxwell Food Centre 

ri xin snack delights storefront (2)Image credit: @taroxtaco

Making traditional kueh by hand is slowly becoming a dying trade, as hawkers have difficulty finding successors to continue their businesses. One of the few handmade kueh stalls left is Ri Xin Snack Delights, a family business that has been around for 70 years. 

ri xin snack delights ang ku kuehsImage credit: @taroxtaco

The stall is solely owned and operated by Uncle, who is still using the original recipes that he inherited, along with the stall, from his father.

ri xin snack delights ang ku kuehImage credit: @taroxtaco

He sells ang ku kueh, wa kueh, and huat kueh, of which the latter two are becoming increasingly harder to find in Singapore.

ri xin snack delights ang ku kueh
Image credit: @birdsinthecorner

The ang ku kueh here are filled with either peanut or salted bean, and sold at $1 apiece—an affordable price considering their location in the CBD. 

ri xin snack delights ang ku kueh fillings
Image credit: @birdsinthecorner

Each ang ku kueh has a thin layer of smooth, mochi-like skin, and is jam-packed with the sweet and savoury fillings. 

ri xin snack delights wa kueh
Image credit: CK Loh 

The Wa Kueh ($2), a steamed rice cake that bears similarity to chwee kueh, is generously doused in black bean sauce to serve.

ri xin snack delights huat kueh
Image credit: CK Loh

Huat kueh, otherwise known as ‘fatt koh’, ‘fa gao’, or fortune cake, are Chinese steamed sponge cakes that are often used as prayer offerings. Ri Xin Snack Delights sells huat kueh in different sizes, going from $2.50.

ri xin snack delights storefront and owner
Image credit: Ng Chun Kiat

The stall previously gained some online traction when netizens posted about Uncle’s difficulty in trying to keep up his business during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) last year. Given Ri Xin Snack Delights’ lack of presence on online delivery platforms, as well as the fact that most office workers were working from home, it was hard for Uncle to maintain his sales. 

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If you’re planning to head down to support Uncle, do note that the stall is only open from 4pm to 9pm daily, and is closed in the event of wet weather. 

If you’re looking for more ang ku kueh stalls to visit, Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh has just opened new outlets at Jurong Point, Plaza Singapura, and Lau Pa Sat. Otherwise, Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun has also opened new outlets in Woodlands and Tampines with new you tiao rice rolls.  

Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street, #01-55, Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184
Opening hours: Daily 4pm to 9pm
Ri Xin Snack Delights is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from @taroxtaco’s post. 

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