Shaburi And Kintan Buffet Has Free-Flow Salmon Sashimi, Sushi And Meat For $33.80++
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Shaburi And Kintan Buffet Has Free-Flow Salmon Sashimi, Sushi And Meat For $33.80++

21st December 2020

Sashimi and sushi buffet at Shaburi And Kintan Buffet

Earlier, we rounded up a list of affordable Japanese buffets you can dine at around the city, including options as low as $18.90++. Adding to this fray is a new, limited-time buffet offering from Shaburi And Kintan Buffet at Jem, with free-flow salmon sashimi and sushi, available till end-February 2021.

shaburi salmon buffet

Image credit: Shaburi And Kintan Buffet

If you know of Shaburi And Kintan Buffet, you’ll be familiar with their two-in-one concept, serving shabu shabu and kintan, also known as Japanese barbecue, as a buffet. Adding to the menu is their new Salmon Seasonal Buffet offering, where diners get an unlimited amount of fatty salmon and maki rolls from just $33.80++ for weekday lunch.

Image credit: Shaburi And Kintan Buffet

You don’t just get free-flow sashimi for the price. Paying $33.80++ also entitles you to their Shaburi Buffet shabu shabu options, so you get beef, chicken, pork cuts to go along with your Japanese-style hotpot. Adding to this are bites like salmon cream udon, chicken karaage, and more to enjoy as sides. The total menu spans 30 items. This is also available for dinner or on weekends at $39.80++.

shaburi and kintan shabu shabu free flow salmon

Image credit: @ashleyoms

If you prefer to go for the Kintan Buffet‘s barbecue spread along with your endless slew of sashimi instead, that costs just $37.80++ for lunch on weekdays. This gets you 49 buffet items, including marinated meats for barbecue, as well as sides. If you prefer dinner or to dine during the weekends, there’s a $10 top-up, taking the price to $47.80++.

Image credit: @ashleyoms

Those who want the best of all worlds can choose the Seasonal Salmon Combo, where you get shabu shabu, kintan, and all-you-can-eat salmon sashimi and sushi. Prices start at $41.80++ for weekday lunch, and $53.80++ for weekday dinner and on weekends.

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Be sure to make reservations if you’re interested in checking the Shaburi And Kintan Buffet free-flow sashimi deal out. For this, you can call the restaurant at 6262 4329.

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Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-11/12, JEM Singapore, Singapore 608549
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 10pm
Tel: 6262 4329

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