Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day Has Up To $50 Cashback And Deals On Oatside, Haidilao, Ichiran Ramen And More |
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Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day Has Up To $50 Cashback And Deals On Oatside, Haidilao, Ichiran Ramen And More

23rd August 2022

Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day 2022

September is coming up, bringing with it Mid-Autumn Festival and mooncakes, but also Shopee’s anticipated 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Excited customers don’t have to sit and wait for 9 September to enjoy discounts and more on Shopee, as the e-commerce platform has a line-up of sales leading up to their big 9.9 event that you can check out.

The first to look out for is the Shopee Mooncake Fair, where you can get discounts, as well as mooncakes from eight brands that are exclusive to Shopee. There are also 16 flavours you can only get on the app too! These brands include Four Seasons, Golden Moments, Gin Thye, Fairmont Singapore, and more.

Enjoy $10 off a minimum spend of $180 when you purchase from Shopee’s mooncake partners. You can also stack this deal with other brand and free shipping vouchers to maximise savings.

four seasons durian mooncakes - shopeeImage credit: Four Seasons Durian

Fans of D24 can instead opt to enjoy a 1-for-1 deal on Four Seasons’ Sultan Durian Mooncakes, where a box of four is usually priced at $79.90.


Traditionalists can choose to get their mooncake fix from Gin Thye instead, as the heritage bakery is offering 10 different types of low-sugar, baked mooncake flavours to choose from this Mid-Autumn Festival. Each box contains four mooncakes, and is priced from $27.90, over 60% off its usual price. Choose from flavours such as Charcoal Green Tea, Lotus Double Yolk, Pandan Pure Lotus, and many more! They also have single-piece mooncakes going for as low as $8.80.

The Shopee Mooncake Fair will run from now till 10 September. Apart from the brands mentioned above, you can enjoy limited-time flash deals on other mooncakes, including halal options, and even ones for pets. Complete the Mid-Autumn Festival vibes when you purchase from any of Shopee’s mooncake partners, and receive a free Shopee lantern. 

Set a reminder for 25 August, as well as 3 September on your calendar, as the days mark exciting Shopee sales to come.

oatside - shopĂ…eeImage credit: @eatbooksg

The 25 August Super Shiok Sale is a big one for F&B. Between 8am to 10am, the app will release flash deals on supermarket essentials, like the cult favourite Oatside Barista Oat Milk, which will be priced at just $29.90 for a case of six 1L packets. 

lottee green tea chocopieImage credit: Lotte

Korean snack lovers can keep an eye out for sales on the Lotte Choco Green Tea Pie Biscuit, to be priced at $3.95 for 12 pieces! These put a matcha twist on the beloved Choco Pie snack.

carlsberg beer

Else, stock up the beer stash with deals on Carlsberg’s Silver Danish Pilsner—24 cans will be priced at $43.90, which means a can is priced at just about $1.80.

cold storage hotpot - hdl tomato soup

From 11am to 1pm, the deals are all centred around lunchtime deals. You can get a ShopeePay voucher that entitles you to 15% cashback for Haidilao Hotpot items, such as their popular hotpot soup bases. 

If you’re craving Japanese food, bag Ichiran’s Ramen’s Classic Tonkotsu Ramen. Choose between straight or curly noodles, and get a box of five servings for only $26.70, instead of the usual $28.90. These packets allow you to enjoy restaurant-quality ramen in a jiffy, as they are prepared just like instant noodles. 

im bulgolgi - shopee

Image credit: Im Bulgogi

Korean food fans can get Im Bulgolgi’s instant meals for only $4.90 each. These handy, instant dishes come in six flavours, including Gochujang Pork Belly, and Spicy Chicken. Simply microwave them, or heat the dishes up in a pan before digging in.

Beyond these foodie deals, the 25 August Super Shiok Sale also offers $25 all-day cashback, free shipping vouchers with no minimum spend, brand vouchers from $6 you can redeem, and other deals for even more savings.

shopee 9.9 shop and fly

To give you more reason to shop on 25 August, Shopee is offering lucky winners a chance to score their Shop & Fly Travel Package. Stand to win a pair of travel packages worth up to $1500 total, to destinations such as Bali, Hanoi, or Chiang Mai.

All you need to do is fill in a simple form, and collect golden tickets with every order you make until 9 September. 2x golden tickets will be awarded on every order made on 25 August! Find out more about the Shop & Fly Travel Package here!

Finally, there’s the Shopee Super Food & Beverages Day on 3 September. Enjoy deals and discounts on superfoods, meat, honey, alcohol, and beverages. Flash deals will be released all day long, at $0.99. Also, keep an eye out for the Midnight Bundle Drop, where you can save $19, $29, or $39 on bundles for the various categories mentioned above. 

Check out Shopee’s upcoming deals here!

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