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This Clementi Hawker Sells Fried Oyster Omelette For $3

13th October 2023

Xin Xin Famous Fried Oyster has $3 oyster omelette

Whether you call it orh luak, orh jian, or oyster omelette, one can’t deny that this Singaporean hawker dish is a crowd favourite. As much as we love it, however, rising costs mean that oyster omelettes can cost a pretty penny—and while this is not your sign to stop splurging and supporting your fave orh luak hawker, we’ve recently chanced upon Xin Xin Famous Fried Oyster, a more affordable alternative serving up the dish for ony $3

xin xin fried oyster storefront
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Located in West Coast Market Square, Xin Xin Famous Fried Oyster is quite the hidden gem. Apparently, they’ve been around for four decades, and the current owner learned his trade from his father. Orh luak is still made the old-school way here, with crispy egg and balls of gooey starch.

xin xin fried oyster singapore
Image credit: @jt6263

The stall doesn’t usually sport super long queues, so you don’t have to bother waiting for ages in line to get your fix either. 

Image credit: @jt6263

Fans online have highlighted how the orh jian here is full of wok hei and goes great with the zingy house-made chilli. Naturally, the $3 option doesn’t have the most oysters, but you do get a couple of pieces, and they’re fresh and briney to boot. If you want more oysters, you can get either the $4 or the $5 portion. 

xin xin fried oyster $3 orh luak
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Note that most orh luak stalls in Singapore start at around $5, and some of the more popular ones can sell their wares at around $8! This is definitely one of the cheapest oyster omelette options we’ve seen in Singapore so far! The one downside: it’s not the most accessible spot for those who don’t live in the West. 

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Address: 726 Clementi West Street 2, #01-187, Singapore 120726
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 2pm to 9pm
Xin Xin Famous Fried Oyster is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Featured image adapted from @jt6263.

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