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This Stall Has $2.50 Handmade Chee Cheong Fun In Marine Parade

12th April 2023
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Yong Huat Delight has handmade chee cheong fun in Marine Parade 

Yong Huat Delights BBQ pork Chee cheong fun
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Andrew H

Chee cheong fun (CCF) is like the perfect breakfast food. Simple, light, and customisable with so many different fillings, it’s even better fresh, hot, and silky smooth. The good news is you can find such quality CCF right at home in our hawker centres: Yong Huat Delight is well known in 50A Marine Terrace Market for their handmade chee cheong fun that’s sold at affordable prices! 

yong huat delights stallfront
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What makes Yong Huat Delight’s chee cheong fun special is that the CCF here is truly made from scratch! Instead of simply using rice flour, hawker Ms Liang Yuan soaks and grinds actual rice every day in order to make the rice slurry needed for the perfect chee cheong fun. 

yong huat delights CCF Scoop
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Each roll of chee cheong fun is made to order, using methods Ms Liang learnt in her native home in Guangzhou. While this means that your order will take some time, you’ll be rewarded for your patience with soft, thin rice sheets that don’t easily tear, packed with your choice of 10 different fillings available. The CCF is then soaked in light, sweet soy sauce. 

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yong huat delights chee cheong fun
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Plain Chee Cheong Fun is $2.50, while CCF with egg or vegetables is $3 and the ones with meat fillings costs $3.50. Go for the classic Chee Cheong Fun w/ Prawns ($3.50) combo if you are a fan of fresh, juicy prawns, or try the Chee Cheong Fun with Mangkuang & Shrimps ($3.50) for something more unusual. The crunchy shredded turnip and dried shrimp provide a fun contrast to the soft, smooth texture of the chee cheong fun that will leave you wanting more.   

yong huat delights chye poh
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Also, help yourself to the crunchy chye poh mixed with chilli padi for an extra punch to kickstart your day! You can add as much as you like of the condiment, which goes well with just about every CCF filling available. 

yong huat delights congee
Image credit: Poh Soh Lee

Other than their famous CCF, Yong Huat Delight also has a range of porridge options if you prefer something more substantial for breakfast. Try their handmade minced pork meatballs, available with their Peanut Meatball Porridge and Century Egg Meatball Porridge, both priced at $4

Alternatively, try their signature Boat Porridge ($6.50). Their version of this humble Hong Kong dish comes with a generous amount of ingredients such as fish, prawns, and cuttlefish on top of thick, creamy congee stewed with pork bones for added flavour. 

For more chee cheong fun eats, check out Genuine Shanghai Zhu Chang Fen, a famous CCF stall from the 70s now at Telok Ayer, or Yat Ka Yan, an old-school dessert shop with a unique bak kwa chee cheong fun in savoury cream sauce. 

Address: 50A Marine Terrace, #01-297, 50A Marine Terrace Market, Singapore 441050
Opening hours: Daily 5am to 2pm
Yong Huat Delight is not a halal-certified eatery. 

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Feature image adapted from @narrak_gal and @kimchng


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