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Internet Loses Their Minds As Japan Puts Kit-Kats in Croissants

26th September 2015

Have A Break, The French Way


It seemed like such an obvious combination. The ingredients were under our noses this whole time, and now the Japanese cafe chain Pronto has made something we never even knew we wanted.

These croissants  with two sticks of KitKat inside have been making waves over the interwebs as netizens outside of Japan are left fantasizing about getting a taste.


The croissants come in two flavours, the “KitKat Croissant for Café” and “matcha green tea” for now. But with the bevy of KitKat flavours available, new flavours are probably an inevitability.

For the citizens of Singapore, one question remains: “Which cafe will be the first to rip-off on the idea and bring this work of art to our sunny shores?”

And for those of you heading to Japan, be sure to grab one at any Pronto outlet from 7am-5.30pm at ¥170



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