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Get 1-For-1 Cinnamon Melts At McCafe For A Limited Time Only

9th July 2020

1-for-1 Cinnamon Melts at McCafe

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If the past month has shown us anything, it is that the McDonald’s app is a nifty tool to have. In the month of June, lovers of the Golden Arches were treated to a slew of 1-for-1 deals including 1-for-1 crispy chicken and coconut pie, and 1-for-1 cheesecakes. Rounding off the hat trick is the new 1-for-1 offer on Cinnamon Melts.

The dessert comes with cinnamon rolls that are doused in gooey cream-cheese icing. Personally, I find it to be one of the more jelak items on McDonald’s menu. However, this treat is sure to satisfy those with an insane sweet tooth.

menu promo
Image adapted from: McDonald’s App

Best of all: you don’t need a minimum spend to score this offer—you can purchase the 1-for-1 Cinnamon Melts as is.

Before you head to your nearest Macs outlet, do note that this deal is only available at stores with McCafe counters such as the ones at JEM, Bedok Mall, and Ang Mo Kio. Use this map to find out the full list of places with a McCafe. 

Besides 1-for-1 Cinnamon Melts, the McDonald’s app currently carries a whole bunch of offers including $1 Hot Fudge Sundae on Tuesdays and $2 Filet-O-Fish on weekdays. As such, if you’re someone who constantly has meals at McDonald’s, get this app to lighten the load on your wallet.

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Feature image adapted from: McDonald’s App and @sszkfood

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