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This Famous Kovan Stall Has Old-School Wonton Noodles With Long Queues

13th February 2023

51 Ming Fa Wanton Egg Noodle in Kovan for old-school wonton mee

When it comes to finding good, old-school food in Singapore, there’s one thing I trust more than any Michelin guide: boomer recommendations. It’s the best way to find stalls like 51 Ming Fa Wanton Egg Noodle in Kovan 209 Market and Food Centre, selling traditional wonton mee in the mornings, with a long queue that forms the moment the stall opens.

51 mingfa wanton mee charsiew
Image credit: 리ybbo비읍

There are quite a few wonton mee stalls in Kovan Market, but 51 Ming Fa Wanton Egg Noodle can be identified from the queue that doesn’t disappear until they run out of food in the late morning. Come early, and be prepared to wait over half an hour! 

mingfa wanton noodle sauce
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The most popular dish is of course their classic Wonton Mee that starts at $4 for a small plate. The QQ egg noodles are doused in a thick, savoury dark sauce, served alongside small but well-seasoned wonton, leafy veggies, and smoky char siew full of wok hei. 

As typical of Singaporean wonton mee, it’s served with red sambal and chopped green chillies on the side. The three sisters running the stall spend their days off prepping the chilli, which also gives the wonton mee gravy its reddish tint and slightly spicy bite. 

mingfa wanton egg noodle pull
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Jams Wong

Long time customers will tell you that their light and springy egg noodles are the star of the show. The noodles are blanched in hot water before being transferred into cold water, ensuring they are cooked al dente.

wonton mee closeupImage credit: @makan.wiki.sg

A good plate of wonton mee is more than just the noodles, and the other ingredients in 51 Ming Fa’s wonton mee are just as carefully prepared and cooked to perfection. The sisters’ father sold roast meat before he started the wonton mee stall, and the house-made char siew is made to a family recipe, giving rise to its sweet, smoky aroma and tender texture. 

51mingfa wanton noodle five flavour noodle
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Other than wonton mee, the stall also has a number of other dishes on the menu. Try their Five Taste Noodle ($5), a unique dish created by their father. The name comes from the five ingredients that are added to this plate of wonton mee: shredded chicken, braised mushrooms, char siew, prawns, and wonton.

51 mingfa wanton mee soup
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Jams Wong

Before you return your tray, be sure to drink the wonton soup that’s served alongside. A little sweeter compared to the soup served at other stalls, the hawkers at 51 Ming Fa Wanton Egg Noodle arrive early each day to prepare the stock, simmering it for hours to achieve a rich, fragrant broth. 

For more wonton mee recommendations, check out our guide to the best wonton mee in Singapore. If you are hungry for Malaysian-style wonton mee instead, read our review of Pin Xiang Wanton Mee in Toa Payoh, for wonton mee with braised chicken feet!  

Address: Block 209 Hougang Street 21, #01-64, Kovan 209 Market And Food Centre, Singapore 530209
Opening hours: Wed-Sun 7am to 1pm (or sold out)
51 Ming Fa Wanton Egg Noodle is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from èrshíjiǔ and Jams Wong

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