7-Eleven Has New Thai Ready-To-Eat Meals Such As Thai Boat Noodle, Phad Thai, And Milk Tea
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7-Eleven Has New Thai Ready-To-Eat Meals Such As Thai Boat Noodle, Phad Thai, And Milk Tea

3rd September 2021

Ready-to-eat Thai food at 7-Eleven

7-eleven thai food - flatlay

7-Eleven is known for its array of international cuisine options such as the Korean instant tteokbokki and the hua tiau chicken cup noodles from Taiwan. Now, they have a new selection of Thai food options including a Thai Glass Noodle Salad ($2.90), Thai Red Curry Chicken ($4.50) and more! 

7-eleven thai food - Thai Basil Chicken with Rice

If you crown rice as your daily staple, the classic Thai Basil Chicken with Rice ($3.90) or Thai Red Curry Chicken with Rice ($4.50) will be your first pick. The basil chicken meal comes with a generous portion of savoury and spicy minced chicken, and is even topped with a sunny side up egg for good measure.

7-eleven thai food - red curry chicken

The Thai red curry has chunks of tender chicken thigh pieces that are covered in creamy and flavourful curry. You will also taste hints of lemongrass, garlic, and ginger, bringing you and your taste buds back to BKK. 

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To make this a balanced meal, the curry also includes vegetables such as long beans and brinjal. This umami-packed curry makes a great pairing alongside a hot bowl of fragrant Thai white rice. 

7-eleven thai food - Phad Thai

Try a Thai signature street food, the Thai Boat Noodles ($4.50), which features QQ rice noodles swimming in a meaty broth surrounded by succulent meatballs, morning glory, and crunchy bean sprouts. If you’re not feeling too adventurous, go for the Phad Thai ($4) that is doused in aromatic fish sauce for a sour tang. 

7-eleven thai food - Thai Glass Noodle Salad

A refreshing appetiser would be the Thai Glass Noodle Salad ($2.90), which is perfumed with zesty notes from lemon juice, and comes with a spicy kick from chilli padi bits. Mix in the fried shallots and the fragrant minced garlic into the chewy vermicelli for an aromatic mouthful. 

7-Eleven is currently offering an exclusive promotion for these ready-to-eat meals. Take a $0.50 discount on sides such as Thai Glass Noodle Salad or Tom Yum Soup when you purchase the Thai Boat Noodles, Thai Red Curry Chicken with Rice, Phad Thai, or Thai Basil Chicken with Rice mains! This promotion will only run till 14 September, so hurry down if you want to get an affordable fix of instant Thai food! 

7-eleven thai food - thai milk tea
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You can also quench your thirst with a cup of Iced Thai Milk Tea ($3): aromatic Assam tea mixed with full cream milk. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a stronger kick of caffeine, they even have a unique Iced Thai Coffee Milk Tea ($3.50)

7-eleven thai food - mr softee coconut
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7-Eleven Singapore 

End off your Thai food adventure with the new Mr Softee Coconut ($1.50) for a light yet satisfying cup of coconut ice cream. This dessert truly screams shiok as you battle the heat with this cooling delight. 

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Photos taken by Melvin Mak.

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