7-Eleven Now Has Three New White Rabbit Candy Flavours At $1.70 Per Packet
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7-Eleven Now Has Three New White Rabbit Candy Flavours At $1.70 Per Packet

21st October 2021

White Rabbit at 7-Eleven 

Our love for nostalgic White Rabbit candy is not disappearing anytime soon. Just two months ago, Haofood introduced the White Rabbit Popsicle in NTUC FairPrice, and this time, we have 7-Eleven bringing us three new White Rabbit candy flavours: Coffee, Coconut, and Mango. They are currently available at $5 for three, or $2 a packet. Do note that these are outlet exclusive items, so visit the 7-Eleven Facebook page before heading down to your nearest store. 

white rabbit mango
Image credit: 7-Eleven Singapore

Each flavour comes in its own coloured packaging, standing apart from the usual white-and-blue combo found on normal White Rabbit candy pieces. For something sweet and fruity, perhaps try the mango-infused White Rabbit flavour. 

white rabbit coffee
Image credit:
7-Eleven Singapore

For coffee lovers, go for the coffee-flavoured White Rabbit. Expect something sweet, creamy and aromatic—definitely more sugary than your morning cuppa.

white rabbit coconut
Image credit: 7-Eleven Singapore

Alternatively, for something milder in flavour, opt for the coconut-infused White Rabbit candy. It is perfumed with a coconut aroma and a milky note, akin to the original White Rabbit flavour. 

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7 eleven white rabbit candy
Image credit: 7-Eleven Singapore

If you still prefer the original, creamy and milky White Rabbit candy, fret not, as 7-Eleven is also offering these delectable treats for $5, housed in an XXL White Rabbit packaging. Inside, the wrapper contains 200g of miniature, individually wrapped White Rabbit candy pieces. 

7 eleven white rabbit tote bag
Image credit:

If you are a huge fan of the White Rabbit candy, you can also consider 7-Eleven’s exclusive White Rabbit-themed merch. You can either go for the cute tote bags ($5), or the sleek umbrellas ($15), both of which feature the iconic White Rabbit candy wrapper.  

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Feature image adapted from 7-Eleven Singapore‘s post.

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