White Rabbit Popsicle Now Available In Selected FairPrice Outlets And Online
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White Rabbit Popsicle Now Available In Selected FairPrice Outlets And Online

30th August 2021

White Rabbit popsicle in FairPrice

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White Rabbit Candy, AKA dà bái tù nǎi táng, is one of our go-to candies when we were younger. With its sweet, milky flavour, and iconic, magical rice paper, it’s no doubt a childhood favourite. Today, this classic candy has been reimagined as a White Rabbit popsicle. Previously only available in China, you can now get this icy treat here in Singapore! 

White rabbit popsicle
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In the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in limited-edition, White Rabbit-flavoured products, such as White Rabbit milk tea, White Rabbit CNY snacks, and even a soft-serve ice cream. Made by the same company behind the original White Rabbit candy, the White Rabbit popsicle seems to be here to stay. 

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Relatively new to the market, these White Rabbit popsicles were launched last year and were only made available in countries such as America, Australia, Canada and more. However, thanks to Hao Food SG—Singapore’s only authorised distributor—we can now have a taste of this novel item. 

white rabbit ice cream
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The popsicle is said to bear a striking similarity to the flavours of a White Rabbit candy: milky and sweet. Unlike other smooth and creamy ice creams, this has a slightly chewy texture, resembling the toffee-like candy. However, be warned as this popsicle holds a lot more sugar than the candy. 

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The packaging is also noteworthy as these popsicles look just like XXL White Rabbit candy!

white rabbit in stores
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These popsicles come in boxes of five sticks, retailing for $12 in selected FairPrice stores, and FairPrice Online Marketplace.  

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Feature image adapted from @eatwithmeidi and @haofoodsg‘s posts.

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