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White Rabbit Milk Tea Drinks Are Now Available In Four Flavours Including Cheese

29th June 2020

White Rabbit milk tea drinks at FairPrice Finest

White Rabbit Drink --2Image credit: White Rabbit Singapore Facebook page

The classic White Rabbit candy brings me way back. It has been one of my fav’ sweets since young, and I fondly remember enjoying this sweet, milky treat during my breaks in primary school. You can only imagine my excitement when I heard that my childhood perk-me-up is now available in milk tea form! White Rabbit milk tea is now available at FairPrice Finest for $2.15 each! This drink puts a unique spin on the nostalgic flavours of White Rabbit candy, and it comes in four inviting flavours.

They are:

  • Sea Salt and Cheese
  • Peach Oolong Tea
  • French-style Milk Tea
  • Genki Black Tea

White Rabbit Drink -
Image credit: @snacktimewithklau

The Sea Salt and Cheese milk tea flavour tempted the cheese lover in me. It features the familiar milky flavours of White Rabbit candy, all zhnged up with the subtle saltiness of sea salt and a delightful cheesy punch.

Those that are looking for something a lil’ more refreshing should try the Peach Oolong Tea flavour. Each sip exudes an earthy oolong flavour with sweet floral notes of peach.

Milk tea fans have to get a taste of the French-style milk tea, which consists of the rich, full-bodied taste of milk tea with a milky touch from White Rabbit candies.

White Rabbit Drink --3
Image credit: @ohmydia

We reckon that this drink will be a hit among white rabbit candy lovers, so head down to your nearest Fairprice Finest outlet ASAP to get your hands on this delightful drink.

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