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8 Degrees Has Bubble Tea Ramen With Pearls That Tastes Like The Real Thing

8th July 2024

8 Degrees has bubble tea ramen with pearls

Our team has seen all kinds of offbeat bubble tea creations such as Wong Fu Fu’s XXL milk tea and Bliss Nest Capsules’ bird nest bubble tea. But these pale when compared to the newly launched “bubble tea with ramen” at a popular Taiwanese eatery named 8 Degrees. Fascinated by this strange combination, we set out to try the BBT ramen for ourselves at their Jalan Besar outlet.


A set of Bubble Tea Ramen ($10.90++) is served with a bowl of BBT ramen and a side of fried chicken cutlet. Shocking enough, the BBT ramen is reminiscent of regular milk tea, just that it comes with some noodles, tapioca pearls, and half of an ajitsuke tamago, AKA ramen egg. 

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You don’t get typical Japanese ramen noodles, but instead, a handful of springy clay pot noodles are submerged in a tea-infused pork bone broth.


If you’re expecting the ramen to be sweet like most BBT offerings usually are, you’d be surprised by how savoury the broth tastes. Upon first sip, you first get a strong milk tea fragrance, followed by a somewhat salty flavour that blends with the savoury pork bone broth.


Though the BBT ramen was challenging to finish, their fried chicken cutlet was appetising. There was a good ratio of meat to batter, and this snack tasted especially good when paired with the garlic mayo sauce. 


There are currently three 8 Degrees outlets across Singapore: one in Kovan, the second in Jalan Besar, and another in Sembawang. We’re uncertain if this will be a permanent item on the menu, so we encourage you to visit any of these outlets ASAP while the item is still available.

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Website | Full list of locations
8 Degrees is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Maisie Chong and edited by Lery Villanueva.
This was an independent visit by Eatbook.sg

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