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Abundance Has New Menu With Black Sesame Ice Cream Roll, Salted Egg Prawn Bun Is Back Too

2nd May 2023

Abundance has new Taiwanese black sesame ice cream roll and more

abundance jalan besar - flatlay

It’s been a hot minute since we wrote about Abundance setting up shop in Jalan Besar, and a bit more than that when we first reviewed them. Along with their expansion, they’ve gradually introduced new items to their menu, which we got to try with their latest creations, including a Black Sesame Ice Cream Roll.

abundance jalan besar - mala popcorn chicken

Before we get ahead of ourselves and jump to desserts, a snack to put on your list is Mala Popcorn Chicken ($9++), a hefty bowl of house-marinated, deep-fried chicken pieces.

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abundance jalan besar - mala popcorn chicken closeup

They’re moreish and addictive, prepared with dark meat so you won’t get stringy breast meat here. The mala flavour is not overpowering or numbingly spicy, making it a welcome snack even for the mala-averse.

abundance jalan besar - san bei mushrooms

A second new item is San Bei Mushrooms ($13.90++): a meat-free alternative to the popular Taiwanese 三杯鸡 (sān bēi jī), or three-cup chicken, classically prepared with a cup each of Chinese rice wine, sesame oil, and soya sauce.

abundance jalan besar - san bei mushrooms closeup

Fried up liberally with garlic and ginger, then fragranced with chillies and fresh basil, the flavour of this dish might not be for everyone, but those who love it, do. Even with the chicken switched out for meaty, velvety oyster mushrooms, you wouldn’t find yourself missing out.

abundance jalan besar - salted egg prawn gua bao

Previously a limited-time dish, Abundance has now made their Salted Egg Prawn Bun ($13.90++) a menu regular.

abundance jalan besar - salted egg prawn gua bao cross section

Their gua bao in its many variations has been a hit since Abundance first started, and this iteration sees an uber thick, house-minced prawn patty deep-fried, then drizzled with salted egg sauce, and topped with egg floss, crisp curry leaves and more.

abundance jalan besar - braised beef rice lu rou fan

Every Taiwanese eatery has 卤肉饭 (lǔ ròu fàn) on the menu, but Abundance takes it one step further with a braised beef version.

abundance jalan besar - lu rou fan braised beef rice spoon

Instead of braised fatty pork, the Braised Beef Bowl ($16.90++) comes with cubes of melt-in-your-mouth braised beef shank, with a sunny-side up fried in sesame oil and pickled vegetables on pearl rice. Perfect for spice lovers, it is accompanied by a bright, fresh chilli sauce.

abundance jalan besar - braised beef noodles

Yet another classic Taiwanese dish, this time on the noodle front, is Beef Noodles Soup ($16.90++), served with fresh knife-cut noodles.

abundance jalan besar - braised beef

Instead of beef shank like in the Braised Beef Bowl, this features beef golden coin, which comes laced through with tendons—these undergo a long process of cooking down to get the melty, gelatinous finish you’ll get here.

abundance jalan besar - braised beef soup

The stars of this noodle dish are the beef and the broth; the latter is richly flavourful and meaty, so the thick-cut noodles go well with it.

abundance jalan besar - sesame ice cream roll

We recently shared a list of black sesame desserts in Singapore—this Black Sesame Ice Cream Roll ($6.90++) is a less divisive take on the Peanut Ice Cream Roll ($6.90++) that we previously tried.

abundance jalan besar - sesame ice cream roll detail

They’ve taken out the fresh coriander and replaced the coarse-ground peanuts with a house-made black sesame paste that’s equal parts nutty and creamy, but still wrapped in a popiah-like skin. It’s a messy affair, but tasty.

For more Taiwanese eats, check out Want Food Taiwanese Delights Food in Chinatown and Holland Village, with legit lu rou fan and oyster mee sua. Otherwise, we’ve got a guide to Taiwanese food in Singapore.

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Photos taken by Tan Jia Hui.
This was a media tasting at Abundance.

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