7 Mooncakes Under $70 To Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival On A Budget
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7 Mooncakes Under $70 To Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival On A Budget

18th August 2021

Affordable mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

Mooncakes can be quite pricey, we know. So, in an effort to help you save some money this Mid-Autumn Festival 2021, we have 7 affordable mooncake options under $70 to treat the fam without burning a hole in your wallet.

1. Ding Mooncake

ding bakery

Get 40% off premium mooncakes at Ding Bakery this Mid-Autumn Festival 2021, when you order before the end of August. All the mooncakes by Ding Bakery are handmade, with real, premium ingredients, no preservatives, and are low in sugar to boot.

Traditional baked mooncake fans, try the bestselling Signature White Lotus Double Yolk Mooncake (U.P $71.40), with smooth, not-too-sweet white lotus paste, countered by the savoury salted egg yolk. Each box contains four mooncakes.

ding mooncakes

If you’re willing to splurge a little, get their Durian MSW Snowskin (U.P. $139 for eight pieces), with real mao shan wang puree crafted from durians from the high mountains of Pahang, and QQ, mochi-like snowskin. If you’re not a big durian lover, get mooncakes from their Assorted Snowskin selection instead. Flavours include Pure Cacao Dark Chocolate, Culinary Grade Matcha, Earliglow Strawberry, and Passionfruit Mango. Prices are usually $139 for a box of eight, but with the 40% off, each box is only $83.40.

Order above $85 and get free delivery! Place your order on the Ding Mooncake website.

2. Kele Roll Cake 

kele mooncakes
Image credit: Kele

Kele is best known for their roll cakes, available in both local and fruity flavours. This Mid-Autumn Festival 2021, they are applying those flavours to their line of all-new snowskin mooncakes, available as part of their The Tropical boxset. Priced at $68, you get eight mooncakes, with two pieces each from the following flavours: Mango, Sudachi Caramel, Avocado Macadamia, and Pink Guava Ume.

Of the lot, their Avocado Macadamia is a bestseller, complete with creamy avocado filling and pillowy soft snowskin. All their mooncakes are vegetarian-friendly.

Order before 6 September with the code ‘EARLYBIRD25’ to enjoy 25% off your mooncake order too. Place your order on the Kele website.

3. Sanrio Mooncakes 

sanrio mooncakes
Image credit: Sanrio

Hello Kitty and My Melody fanatics, get your hands on the Sanrio mooncakes available at FairPrice and Cheers. While most of the mooncakes in the range cost above $100, they have a My Melody Lunch Bag set for only $58.80 from now till 8 September. Within the lunch bag are two mooncakes, with the flavours Chocolate Lotus Caramel Lava Mooncake, and Pandan Lotus Mango Lava Mooncake. Both are expected to ooze when cut into, so be ready for the ‘gram.

4. Kam’s Roast

kams roast mooncakes
Image credit: Kam’s Roast

Kam’s Roast is best-known for their roasted meat, but this Mid-Autumn Festival 2021, they’re bringing Hong Kong-style mooncakes to the table. Created by the head chef of Kam’s Roast Goose in Hong Kong, these traditional mooncakes are sure to wow your parents, grandparents, and in-laws. Each box is priced at $68+, and you get to mix and match flavours in your order. 

Choose from the savoury Kam’s Roast Assorted Nuts with Roast Duck Mooncake, or the sweet array, comprising Red Dates Longan Mooncake, Almond Egg Custard Mooncake, Kam’s Roast Red Bean Orange Peel Mooncake, and Coconut Egg Yolk Mooncake. You can also get single piece mooncakes for $10.80+.

Place your order on the Kam’s Roast website.

5. Thye Moh Chan 

Thye Moh Chan mooncakes
Image credit: Thye Moh Chan

Teochew mooncake lovers should lend their support to Thye Moh Chan this Mid-Autumn Festival. The homegrown brand has over 70 years of experience making Teochew-style mooncakes, and this season, they have three new flavours in the mix. The first is the Cudweed Momoyama, which is inspired by the old school chi kak kueh, a black version of ang ku kueh made with mugwort. The other two flavours are Dan Feng Tea Momoyama, and Osmanthus Momoyama. A box of six retails for $40.80.

If you prefer the OG flaky pastry Teochew mooncakes, however, then look forward to old-school flavours such as Yam with Salted Egg Yolk ($46.80 for four), and Salty Tau Sar with Salted Egg Yolk ($40.80 for four).

Order these mooncakes from the Thye Moh Chan website.

6. Joy Luck Teahouse 

mooncakes joy luck teahouse
Image credit: Joy Luck Teahouse

Joy Luck Teahouse has launched its first-ever mooncake collection. The Hong Kong cha chaan teng kiosk is selling its baked mooncakes at $48 for a box of eight. Choose from fruity or tea-infused flavours, such as the Blueberry Lotus Paste Mooncake, where the lotus seed paste is studded with blueberries, and the Pu Er Tea Lotus Paste Mooncake, with a pu er tea-infused lotus paste.

Order online via the Joy Luck Teahouse website.

7. NOW Bakery

now bakery mooncakes
Image credit: NOW Bakery

NOW Bakery is well-known for their blancmange pudding rolls, but this Mid-Autumn Festival, they’re bringing affordable mooncakes to the forefront with their Mooncake Gift Box. Priced at $36.80, the box includes two traditional baked mooncakes in red bean and pandan lotus paste flavours, as well as two boxes of chocolate-filled cookies, in almond and tiramisu flavours. Order before 21 August, and get your mooncake set for only $29.90.

Order online via the Now Bakery website.

Wallet-friendly mooncakes

Enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 on a budget with these affordable mooncakes. For more to help you save, check out our mooncake deals guide for the upcoming festival.

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