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Get Bak Chang Burgers From Route 65 Till 30 June

15th June 2020

Route 65 has bak chang burgers from $9.90

Route 65 Bak Chang Burgers - Bak Chang Burgers
Image credit: Route 65 Singapore

My family doesn’t have the practice of celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival, but I definitely look forward to the sticky rice dumplings, also known as bak chang, that my grandmother prepares every year. Placing a contemporary fast-food spin on the traditional snack, Route 65 has come up with these one-of-a-kind Bak Chang Burgers to join in on the festivities.

Route 65 Bak Chang Burgers - Bak Chang Burger Set
Image credit: @route65sg

These rice burgers will be available for a limited time from 15 to 30 June 2020, and are sold as a set, together with their refreshing Black Lemon Tea with Lychee Boba. Each burger comes stuffed with onions, red chilli, juicy shimeji mushrooms, and tomatoes as a standard base. 

The Pork Bak Chang Burger Set ($9.90) has thinly sliced pork belly accompanied by a spike of aromatic five spice, while the Shoyu Beef Bak Chang Burger Set ($10.90) is slathered with a sweet shoyu sauce. If you order a couple more items and exceed $50, you can score a pair of Mom’s Traditional Bak Chang for free, based on availability.

Route 65 Bak Chang Burgers - Father's Day Feast
Image credit: Route 65 Singapore

Besides these unique rice dumpling burgers, Route 65 is also running promotions for their Father’s Day Feast ($99) till 21 June 2020. This set has a steeper price tag when compared to their other items. However, it comes with lots of meat options, including a grilled ribeye as well as pork ribs, and can feed up to four people.

Route 65 Bak Chang Burgers - Bubble Tea Sets

These bak chang burgers from Route 65 are available for both pickup and delivery; just head to their website to place an order. Delivery fees vary, depending on your location, and will be waived if you place an order that exceeds $70.

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For more delivery of burger sets, check out B Burger’s Dalgona bubble tea and burgers. Or, keep a lookout for Everything With Fries’ reopening for more unique burger options.

Feature image adapted from Route 65 Singapore.

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