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Bazaar Raya Utara Sembawang Has Korean Waffles, Tanghulu And Coriander Tea Till 4 April 2024

11th March 2024

Bazaar Raya Utara Sembawang is happening till 4 April 2024

Northies can look forward to a Ramadan bazaar that isn’t far from home. Located right beside Sembawang MRT Station, Bazaar Raya Utara Sembawang is open from now till 4 April 2024

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Bazaar Raya Utara Sembawang Kwaffle

Besides bazaar classics like Ramly burgers and crispy fried vadai, you can look forward to a slew of trendy food stalls. For instance, Kwaffle, which serves Korean-style cream waffles (from $4.50) in flavours like kaya, Lotus Biscoff, and Nutella banana

Bazaar Raya Utara Sembawang BTHL Bing Tang Hu Lu

Tanghulu is all the rage now, and you can get various fruit skewers dipped in a sugar coating at BTHL—short for Bing Tang Hu Lu.

Bazaar Raya Utara Sembawang Tanghulu

Prices start from $2 per stick, and you can choose from juicy mandarin oranges, crisp purple and green grapes, and tart strawberries.

Bazaar Raya Utara Sembawang Satay Kah Pah

For something savoury to offset all the dessert, swing by Satay Kak Pah. Beef, chicken, and mutton satay (from $6 for 5 sticks) aside, they also serve plenty of grilled seafood. 

Bazaar Raya Utara Sembawang Grilled Seafood

Options include cheddar scallops (from $6), garlic cheese prawn (from $6), and grilled muscles ($11 for 6). They even have raw oysters for $6 a pop.

Bazaar Raya Utara Sembawang Bang Lemon

For a refreshing bevvy to beat the heat, I’d recommend Bang! Lemon Tea. Although pasar malam drinks are usually super sugary, the amount of syrup used here was just nice to counter the sourness of the lemons and limes used in each cup of iced tea (from $4). They hand-smash every drink to order BTW, and it’s pretty fun to watch.

Bazaar Raya Utara Sembawang Lemongrass Coriander Tea

They have interesting flavours like bitter gourd and coriander on the menu. My partner, who is Team Coriander, ordered a coriander black tea ($5) and the staff really stuffed a fistful of fresh coriander stalks into the cup to mash to a pulp. The resulting flavour and smell was Coriander Central… much to my horror as a coriander hater, but my partner thoroughly enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, my lemongrass green tea ($5) was a cooling and fragrant treat. I appreciate that the staff fully extracted all that herbal goodness with a proper pounding.

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Bazaar Raya Utara Sembawang Ah Moi Thai

You’ll find other pasar malam mainstays at Bazaar Raya Utara Sembawang, including Ah Moi Thai Tea, Gemok’s Takoyaki, and Loco Loco which serves churros.

Bazaar Raya Utara Sembawang Seating Area

After you wrangle up all your munchies, head over to the seating area which has plenty of tables and benches. There is also an emcee hosting in the late afternoon and evening, in between Hari Raya songs to get everyone into the festive mood. The bazaar will operate from 12pm to 10pm daily, and you can find it opposite Sun Plaza.

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Photos taken by Renae Cheng and edited by Melvin Mak.
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