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25 Best Snacks To Buy From Don Quijote In Japan

29th November 2023

Best snacks from Don Quijote in Japan

It’s impossible to talk about Japan without mentioning Don Quijote, the country’s largest discount store chain boasting over 600 stores nationwide. It’s your one-stop destination, often open late into the night, known for being stocked with everything you could possibly need━from sweets, snacks, and alcoholic beverages, to cosmetics, medication, and even electrical appliances.

We’ve curated a list of 25 best Don Quijote snacks for you to consider on your next trip! These snacks are perfect as souvenirs, for pairing with your favourite alcoholic beverages, or simply enjoying during a drama marathon. Keep an eye out for packaging marked with “ド”, which represents Don Quijote’s original private brand (PB), Jonetz.

1. Aojiso Senbei 最後まで美味しい 青紫蘇せん

Image credit: @tirol_chococo86_love.oyatsu

Senbei is an iconic Japanese rice cracker snack well-loved by many. A popular pick is the “最後まで美味しい (saigo made oishī)” series, which translates to “delicious down to the last bite”. This particular senbei is  exclusively available at Don Quijote, with intriguing flavours such as green perilla leaves and red pickled ginger, each priced at ¥298+/~S$2.70+. The former offers a refreshing tangy flavour, while the latter has a combination of saltiness and sourness. Crafted from 100% domestically produced uruchimai, AKA Japanese short-grain rice, these senbei have a light and airy texture that practically melts in the mouth. 

2. Curry Senbei 半熟カレー煎餅

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The Curry Senbei (¥358+/~S$3.30+) from Senshichi (仙七) is a great option too. It’s part of the half-cooked senbei series, boasting a texture that’s slightly moist, akin to nure senbei━a type of wet rice cracker━while still maintaining crispness. The curry flavour adds a gentle kick of spice and a hint of subtle sweetness. Other flavours in the half-cooked senbei series also include lemon, monjayaki, caramel, shoyu and more.

3. Rice Crackers きね餅

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Another great senbai snack to go for is Don Quijote’s PB Rice Crackers (¥213/~S$1.95). The epitome of “simplicity is the best”, their salt flavour remains the most popular choice. However, they also have an array of other flavours that are worth checking out including shoyu, honey shoyu, and for a spice option, togarashi, a Japanese spice blend.

4. Three Flavours of Kaki no Tane 3種類味わえる柿の種

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A new snack that was just released in July, the Three Flavours of Kaki no Tane (¥1707/~S$15.60), is a must-try for those who love a good crunch. For the unacquainted, kaki no tane is a mix of crescent-shaped senbei and peanuts. This snack is the result of the work of kaki no tane researcher Nakakura Ryudo. Inside the package, you’ll discover kaki no tane in three different sizes and types. Every bite is refreshing as you can savour the classic kaki no tane, larger-sized ones for a heartier crunch, and extra hard varieties, all seasoned with a savoury glaze.

5. Twisted Rice Crackers ひねり揚げ

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Don’t skip over the Twisted Rice Crackers (from ¥106/~S$1), which are known to sell out fast. These rice crackers are deep-fried and crafted in a spiral shape, which greatly enhances their crunchiness. They come in a diverse range of flavours including mentai mayo, lightly salted, pork kimchi, yuzu pepper and more. For those who simply can’t get enough, you can stock up on them in larger packs that are exclusively sold at Don Quijote.

6. Canister Potato Chips キャニスターポテトチップス

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For an elevated movie night bingeing experience, consider adding the Canister Potato Chips (¥178+/~S$1.60+) to your snack line up. These chips are available in four different flavours: sour cream, BBQ, salt, and honey cheese. Fans of the popular honey butter chips from Korea should go for the honey cheese flavour which offers the same addictive sweet-savoury combination. Another must-try is the sour cream flavour which carries a refreshing tangy flavour.

7. Mix Cream Crackers ミックスクリームクラッカー

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Produced by NS International Corporation, the Mix Cream Crackers is a light and affordable snack priced at just ¥213/~S$1.95. You’ll never get bored of this snack because each pack contains 32 individual packets of cream crackers, with a mix of three different fillings including lemon, milk, and chocolate.

8. Cheese Squid チーズいか

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A perfect companion for your evening drinks is the Cheese Squid (¥538/~S$4.90). This shredded, dried squid snack is seasoned with a lavish coating of rich cheese flavour, which fans love for its creamy and indulgent taste. This unlikely combination also brings out the natural seafood flavour of the squid!

9. Almond Fish アーモンド小魚

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The Almond Fish (¥1295/~S$11.75) makes for a delicious bar snack too. Made with Japanese anchovies from the Seto Inland Sea, these ikan bilis are less bitter and complement the savoury taste of the almonds well. What’s more, it’s a nutritious choice that’s rich in calcium!

10. Morinaga Baked Creamy Cheese 森永 ベイククリーミーチーズ

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For those with a penchant for cheese and a sweet tooth, consider trying the Morinaga Baked Creamy Cheese (¥171/~S$1.55), a collaboration between Morinaga and Don Quijote. This  treat is touted to taste just like an actual cheesecake. It features a creamy cheese centre encased in a baked, slightly burnt biscuit exterior. A pack comes with 10 petite squares, and each piece is filled with three types of cheese: cream cheese, camembert, and mascarpone.

11. Tirol Chocolate Kinako Mochi チロルチョコきなこもち

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If you’re looking for a quick sweet fix that you can conveniently pop on the go, get the winter-exclusive Kinako Mochi (¥108/~S$1) that’s made by renowned Japanese chocolate brand, Tirol Chocolate. This beloved treat is making a comeback after being discontinued in 2021 and will be made available during the winter season! It has been a favourite among the Japanese for over a decade, and this year marks its 20th anniversary. Not only is it available in candy form, but it also comes in various renditions including sandwich biscuits, cookies, bread and more. You can also find it in other flavours such as matcha and strawberry.

12. Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs ふんわり名人 餅

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If you love mochi, a must-have item is the Mochi Puffs from Funwari Meijin, priced below ¥200+/~S$1.80+. Fans claim that the mochi puffs are delightfully chewy and have a melt-in-the-mouth texture. You can find them in five different flavours: kinako, Hokkaido cheese, red bean, kuromitsu, and black sesame. Alternatively, catch their limited-time offerings as well: tomato cheese, Hokkaido milk, matcha latte, strawberry, and Annou sweet potato.

13. Shigekix シゲキックス

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If you’re in search of a candy to keep you awake, Shigekix is the perfect choice. These candies are known to be incredibly sour and are available in a range of exciting flavours━each offering a different level of sourness. These include the tart Lemon (¥118/~S$1.10), the intense kick of Super Cola (¥129/~S$1.20), the Extremely Sour Soda Flavour (¥107/~S$1) and many more.

14. KitKat キットカット

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KitKat, a snack which we are all familiar with, makes for the best souvenir to bring back from Japan! Don Quijote stands out as the go-to destination for their extensive selection of unique flavours that may not be readily available in Singapore. The assortment includes flavours such as melon, milk tea, purple sweet potato, Tokyo banana, wheat, strawberry cheesecake, pistachio and more. Don’t miss out on their regional-exclusive KitKat flavours such as Uji hojicha and Uji matcha from Kyoto, and apple from Aomori, among many other options. A bag containing 10 packs of KitKats will set you back at around ¥300/~S$2.75.

15. Alfort Chocolate Biscuit アルフォート

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You may be familiar with Alfort, a well-known brand of chocolate crafted by the Japanese company Bourbon Corporation. Each piece of Alfort chocolate consists of a sweet and creamy chocolate square that’s perched on a delicate, crisp digestive biscuit base. 

You can get a bar for just ¥76/~S$0.70 as compared to around $2.50 in Singapore. If you’re planning to gift them as souvenirs, grab the family-size packet priced at ¥192/~S$1.80, which contains 18 individual packets of bite-sized chocolate. Alfort chocolates also come in various flavours including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, combinations with almonds or macadamia nuts and more.

16. Choco Brownie Chips チョコブラウニーチップス

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For all you chocolate lovers out there, here’s a treat you won’t want to miss. The Choco Brownie Chips (¥430/~S$3.90), feature delicate, crispy chips in a luxurious chocolate coating that tastes just like a freshly baked brownie. These chips are said to have a good balance of sweet and bitter notes.

17. Marie Marshmallow Cake マリーで仕立てたマシュマロケーキ

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Get an extra dose of chocolatey goodness with the Marie Marshmallow Cake, which comes with biscuits that are generously coated in chocolate. A pack is priced at approximately ¥108/~S$1 and has eight sizeable biscuits. With every bite, you’ll experience the soft, pillowy marshmallow centre, complemented by the satisfying crunch of the chocolatey biscuit exterior.

18. Cacao カカオ風味チョコパイ

Image credit:
fp sora

If you’re looking for an alternative, Don Quijote’s PB offers a similar snack: the limited-time Cacao-flavoured Choco Pie (¥298+/~S$2.70+), available while stocks last. This sweet treat is said to have a rich cocoa flavour that’s not too cloying.

19. Umeboshi no Sheet 梅干しのシート

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In the hot summer, a convenient and energising supplement to carry around is Umeboshi no Sheet (¥350+/~S$3.20+). These thin sheets of sour plum have a sweet flavour that’s followed by a pronounced refreshing sourness.

20. Kracie Amaguri Muichaimashita Chestnuts 甘栗むいちゃいました

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Kracie’s Amaguri Muichaimashita Chestnuts are a great snack to have in the autumn. These carefully selected Tianjin chestnuts are roasted with stones for a fragrant aroma and a soft, moist texture, all without the addition of any preservatives. Select from two different sizes: 35g for ¥128/~S$1.20 or 70g for ¥398/~S$3.65.

21. Shiitake Mushroom Snack しいたけスナック

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A must-try at Don Quijote in Japan is the crowd-favourite Shiitake Mushroom Snack (¥646/~S$5.90), which has been featured on multiple TV programs such as King’s Brunch, The Dawn of Gaia, Osamu Hayashi’s Nippon Drills and more.

Each pack features bite-sized pieces of dried shiitake mushrooms with the stalk still intact. These mushrooms have a salty and spicy flavour, without the earthy mushroom taste that some may find unappealing. The texture is said to be light and airy, much like that of a rice cracker.

22. Asparagus Snack アスパラガススナック ベーコン味

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If you’re in the mood for a satisfying yet guilt-free snack, consider giving this Asparagus Snack (¥430/~S$3.90) a try.

These morsels are generously seasoned with a robust bacon flavour, enhanced with a touch of spice and a dash of black pepper. The taste of asparagus, while pronounced, isn’t too overpowering━great for people who like a more subtle flavour. For those who appreciate a more complete snacking experience, many recommend pairing this with a side of fresh salad and some cheese.

23. Vegetable Chips たっぷりベジタブルチップス

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While you might initially be skeptical about Vegetable Chips (¥537/~S$4.90), these chips have garnered praise, even from those who aren’t particularly fond of vegetables. This is a healthy snacking option that’s free from added preservatives.

You can find a wide selection of 10 different vegetables that are dried and deep-fried. These include sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, radish, bitter gourd, tomato, lotus root, onion, green bean, and lady’s finger.

24. Mix Nuts 素煎りミックスナッツDX

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Another option within the realm of healthy snacks is Don Quijote’s PB Mix Nuts (¥754/~S$6.90). Despite being roasted without oil or table salt, this snack has a following of fans who love its fragrant nutty flavour. It has even garnered quite a lot of attention on the internet and various TV programmes. Each pack offers a well-balanced combination of three types of nuts: cashew nuts, walnuts, and almonds. It’s a great option, especially for those who are watching their diet.

25. Pistachio Wasabi Aji ピスタチオわさび味

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You can’t go wrong with the Pistachio Wasabi Aji (¥975+/~S$8.90+) when you’re feeling peckish. Each bag comes with individually portioned servings of pistachio nuts in a wasabi-flavoured coating. It is said to have a crunchy mouthfeel and a strong nutty flavour with a bold kick of wasabi. Many recommend getting this as a souvenir!

These are the best Don Quijote snacks to get in Japan

Don Quijote is a must-visit when you’re in Japan, especially if you’re looking to stock up on snacks and try some local favourites that might not be easily found in Singapore. 

Even if you’re craving a Japanese snack fix, the numerous Donki stores in Singapore mean you no longer have to hop on a flight to Japan. Check out our guide to the best savoury Don Don Donki snacks in Singapore. Alternatively, we also have a guide to the best Korean snacks to buy for your friends and family if you’re visiting Korea.

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Featured image adapted from @okashinomachioka.official@pantesgendut@kumakumakumarin and @riru_hakumeikousen

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