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This Korean Brand Is Giving Away 1 Year’s Supply Of Ice Cream And Flavoured Milk

18th November 2022

Binggrae is giving away one year’s supply of ice cream and flavoured milk

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If there’s one convenience store product that I used to always make a beeline for in Korea, it’s banana milk━not any banana milk, but the iconic Binggrae version. Imagine my delight to have it readily available locally now, along with a whole selection of Binggrae’s ice cream products.

binggrae - flavoured milk

Heads up if you’re a fan of their halal-certified flavoured milks, Melona, and Samanco like I am: there’s a Binggrae giveaway that’s happening right now, and you could stand to win a whole year’s worth of products!

binggrae - banana and vanilla flavored milk

Some trivia about the brand and their banana milk━founded in 1967, Binggrae’s first product was actually ice cream, before Banana Flavored Milk Drink was released in June 1974. It was such a hit that they’re said to have sold 800,000 serves of this banana milk each day that year, and a whopping six billion to date in Korea alone.

binggrae - melon flavored milk

Besides the Banana Flavored Milk Drink, which you might have spotted in many a K-drama, other flavours you can find in Singapore include Vanilla, Melon, and even Strawberry.

binggrae - melona in packet

“올때 메로나!” (Oltaee Melona) is a phrase you’ll commonly hear in Korea, which translates to “When you come, (bring) Melona!” It originated from the story of a person who accidentally texted her courier a request to bring Melona ice cream instead of her sister, both of whom were arriving shortly.

It’s now widely used in jest, or to wish your family and friends a safe and early return home as they head out━with the upcoming end-of-year festivities, there’s no better time than now to spread the Melona love and smiles! 

binggrae - melona popsicles

Otherwise, these pastel-coloured popsicles are a great addition to any EOY party, especially if you’re having a K-themed one. Stock up on Korea’s most popular ice cream, in their bestselling Melon, and throw in some sticks of Strawberry and Mango too for a variety of flavours.

binggrae - samanco intro

If you’re not all that into fruity stuff, then Binggrae also has Samanco ice creams too. 

binggrae - samanco ice creams

They’re inspired by bungeo-ppang, AKA carp bread, which is one of the most popular winter street snacks in Korea, except these have ice cream too. 

binggrae - samanco cross section

You’ll also find a layer of the classic red bean filling in these, enhanced by the creamy vanilla ice cream; alternatively, the Chocolate version stars chocolate syrup in place of azuki paste, all wrapped within the fish-shaped waffle. It comes in Strawberry and Green Tea flavours too! 

binggrae - intro

Individually packed, like the Melona popsicles, the Samanco ice creams are a tasty and convenient way to settle the desserts at any party. With their colourful packaging, easy-to-love flavours, and massive popularity, you’re definitely going to be winning many hearts and smiles the moment you whip these Binggrae treats out.

binggrae - products with talent

These Korean-imported yummies are available at all leading supermarkets, Korean speciality marts, and online grocers such as RedMart. Be one of five lucky winners to walk away with a whole year’s supply of Binggrae products! Simply follow Binggrae’s Instagram account, like this giveaway post, and tag a friend who brings you smiles! Terms and conditions apply.

Win one year’s supply of Binggrae ice cream and flavoured milk here!

Photos taken by John Lery Villanueva.
This post was brought to you by Binggrae.

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