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Bingz: Famous Chinese Crispy Burger Chain Opens In Jurong East

3rd January 2024

Bingz opens at Westgate with crispy pulled pork burgers


With more than 140 outlets in Beijing and four in Canada, Bingz has enjoyed massive success since its establishment in 2014. They’ve now brought their well-loved rou jia mo to Singapore, with their first newly opened outlet in Westgate

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For the uninitiated, rou jia mo or rougamo is regarded as the Chinese equivalent of Western hamburgers and sandwiches. It traditionally consists of a crispy flatbread with meat filling, more specifically pork. 


You can taste this classic combination by ordering the Signature Pork ($5.59) crispy burger, which comprises a pastry-like bread stuffed with a generous amount of fatty and tender pulled pork. Alternatively, you can swap out the pork for a different protein, such as Black Pepper Beef And Mushroom ($6.99) or Butter Chicken ($5.99)


They even have vegetarian options. On our visit, we found the flavourful and juicy BBQ Mushroom ($5.49) to be our personal favourite, but the Healthy Veggie ($4.49) is also available for those looking for a lighter entree.  

Rou jia mo is often eaten together with a range of sides, with a common accompaniment being liang pi, AKA Chilli Cold Noodles ($5.99) that you’ll find on Bingz’s menu. As the name suggests, it’s a cold dish that features QQ kway teow-style noodles, a vinegar-based sauce, chilli oil, and shredded cucumber. 


Some warm sides include familiar favourites such as Hot And Sour Glass Noodles ($6.69), Chilli Oil Wantons ($6.99), and Wanton Soup ($6.99)


Finally, choose between unsweetened Non-GMO Soy Milk ($2.99) and HK Milk Tea ($3.69) for a guilt-free complement to your meal, or sip on a sweet, refreshing cup of Plum Cold Brew ($3.69) instead. 

FYI, while these items can all be purchased individually, ordering a crispy burger, side, and drink together will shave $3 off your meal! 


Besides Bingz, Westgate is home to many other reputable food chains from around the world. Head to Xi Men Jie for wallet-friendly Taiwanese food, or check out Flipper’s for their famed Japanese souffle pancakes.

Address: 3 Gateway Drive, #B1-27, Westgate, Singapore 608532
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm
Telephone: 8547 7783
Bingz is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Raelynn Ng.
This was an independent visit by

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