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Boru Boru Review: Japanese Rice Bowls From $13.90 Nett In A Hipster Cafe

23rd May 2017

Boru Boru offers Japanese rice bowls at a cafe

Update: Boru Boru is now permanently closed.

Boru Boru - Japanese donburi

Back in the mugging days, my squad and I would make it a tradition to treat ourselves to a good meal after our exams. That is, if we can come to an agreement on where to go. As huge fans of Japanese cuisine, we used to have Japanese food at most of our get-togethers. Now with everyone working, we don’t get to meet as often, but we’ll always make time for an occasional meal to relive those days.

Boru Boru is a Japanese pop-up booth that serves Japanese rice bowls despite occupying a small space in the cafe, Candour Coffee. It is one to keep in mind for days you want delicious donburi but don’t wish to break the bank. Situated conveniently along Beach Road, this place is great for my next clique gathering when the question of where to eat arises.

Food at Boru Boru 

Boru Boru - salmon bowl

First up, 48 Degree Salmon Boru With Triple Egg ($16.90). This was served with a large piece of Norwegian salmon topped with your choice of mentaiko or caviar, as well as a salad consisting of corn, edamame, and cherry tomatoes. A gooey onsen egg was also added to the bowl, and it was capped with a generous amount of tobiko.

Boru Boru - salmon don

The aburi salmon was first cooked sous vide before it was torched, allowing the fillet to be cooked thoroughly and evenly while giving it a slightly charred flavour. As the salmon was not heavily seasoned, the dollop of briny and salty caviar we went for definitely amped up its flavour. I would, however, have preferred a slightly crispier skin.

Boru Boru - caviar

The Niigata rice used was imported from Japan, and was exceptionally fluffy. It was seasoned well with vinegar and topped with a generous sprinkle of furikake. The onsen egg served as a sauce that brought all the different components of the dish together.

The simple salad was addictive. Not only did it add a nice crunch to the rice, the sweet and salty combination of corn and edamame gave the dish a little more depth in flavour as well. This rice bowl tends to get sold out early, so drop the cafe a call before dropping by to avoid disappointment.

Boru Boru - truffle somen 1

If you are more of a noodle person, be sure to go for their Truffle Somen ($13.90). When this was first brought to the table, it had a really strong truffle aroma.

Boru Boru - truffle somen

Unlike some dishes that come with an overkill in truffle oil, this did not disappoint in terms of delivering the truffle fragrance. Topped with a generous amount of marinated squid, prawns and crab sticks, the dish was also drizzled with their house-made shoyu-based sauce. The noodles, however, would’ve tasted better if they were slightly more al dente.

Boru Boru - chirashi don

Our final order was Boru Chirashi ($13.90).  For its price, this dish came in a satisfying portion. It had large chunks of salmon, tuna, prawns, and squid scattered on top of a bed of warm Japanese rice, and was finished off with a spoonful of ikura.

Boru Boru - chirashi ikura

The fresh sashimi was tossed in their house-made dressing that tasted like a combination of sesame oil and shoyu sauce. The squid and prawns retained a natural sweetness despite the generous amount of dressing. Like the cherry on top, the ikura that exploded in bursts of umami definitely took the dish up a notch.

Boru Boru - Menu

Boru Boru offers over 10 rice bowls, so you’ll be sure to find something that suits your taste buds. For those who want to make your meal a little more atas, you can always opt for add-ons such as caviar ($3) and ikura ($3).

Ambience at Boru Boru 

Boru Boru - Candour Coffee

Boru Boru occupies a small corner of Candour Coffee. The atmosphere was cosy and serene, making this a great time-out spot for those working around the area.

Located opposite South Beach Tower, the cafe is a 10-minute walk away from Bugis or Esplanade MRT Stations. Thanks to their free Wi-Fi and charging ports, you can work while sipping on a cup of coffee here.

Wi-Fi ID: candourcoffee
Wi-Fi password: 41beachroad

Boru Boru - Manicurious

For those who want some pampering after a meal, Candour Coffee also houses a nail salon called Manicurious hidden at the back.

The verdict

Boru Boru - food

The vibes at Boru Boru really made me feel welcomed, especially with their friendly staff and cosy ambience – not to mention delicious Japanese rice bowls. For the prices stated on the menu, I was not expecting to be served caviar or large chunks of fresh sashimi, so dining here was definitely a treat without breaking the bank. For more affordable chirashi don, check out Sushiro at Thomson Plaza. 

Address: 41 Beach Road, Singapore 189680
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:30am to 9pm (last order at 8:30pm)
Tel: 9457 0070
Boru Boru is not a halal-certified eatery.

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  • 8/10
    - 8/10


– Value for money
– Delicious dishes
– No GST or service charge

– Short opening hours
– Limited availability of certain dishes

Recommended Dishes: 48 Degree Salmon Boru With Triple Egg ($16.90), Boru Chirashi ($13.90), Truffle Somen ($13.90)

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday 11:30am to 9pm (last order at 8:30pm)

9457 0070

Address: 41 Beach Road, Singapore 189680

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