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This New Bubble Tea Lava Cake Comes With Gula Melaka Pearls And Chocolate-infused Tea Ganache

28th May 2020

New bubble tea lava cake with gula melaka pearls

Bubble Tea Lava Cake - Image 1Image credit: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Bubble tea fans are in for a treat; Shophouse by Shangri-La Hotel has just released a Bubble Tea Lava Cake! This luxurious creation combines all the elements of a sinful lava cake with gula melaka pearls, and itโ€™s the ultimate indulgence during this stay-home period.

The Bubble Tea Lava Cake is available in three sizes:

  • 750 grams ($60)
  • 350 grams ($38)
  • Mini size ($9)

Bubble Tea Lava Cake - Image 2Image credit: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Intended to bring out the flavours of milk tea, this sweet delight features multiple layers of Earl Grey Japanese sponge cake sandwiched between 64% Manjari chocolate-infused tea ganache. The fluffy layers of Earl Grey sponge exude a familiar fragrance, and are complemented by the refreshing, citrusy accents of bergamot orange.ย 

The cake is topped with a generous amount of mascarpone cheese chantilly cream, which provides a smooth and creamy mouthfeel to every bite.

To add a neat local touch, copious amounts of chewy gula melaka pearls are carefully placed around and on this special dessert. These pearls are delightfully QQ, and give a welcome chew to each mouthful.ย 

Watch as the luscious mascarpone cream overflows at the top of the cake, before slowly flowing down at its sides like a creamy, decadent drizzle. If you prefer more cream, you would be glad to know that each cake comes with an additional serving of the mascarpone cream. Donโ€™t forget to snap an Insta-worthy shot before indulging in this sweet treat!

You can choose to pick up your bubble tea lava cake at Shophouse by Shangri-La located in the Tower Wing lobby of the hotel, or pay an additional $20 for island-wide delivery. Remember to place your orders at least three days in advance.ย 

Call 6213 4377 or email to order. You can also check out other cakes and pastries they offer on their website.

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