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Cadbury Launches New Cookie With A Rich And Gooey Chocolate Cream Centre

23rd August 2023

Cadbury launches new chocolate cookie


When it comes to chocolate brands, Cadbury is undeniably among the most recognisable ones. For a lot of individuals, it’s also a brand that evokes fond memories—think of all the moreish chocolate snacks we had as kids that bore Cadbury’s trademark logo. If the previous sentence got you craving some of those, I’ve got a suggestion for you: try the all-new Cadbury Cookies.


Available at all FairPrice outlets, Cadbury Cookies come in boxes of packaged cookies, making them convenient to bring around. There are six packets in each box, with each packet containing two cookies—that means you’re getting 12 cookies in total.


These snacks feature a chocolate cookie as their outer layer. Upon taking a bite, you get a nice crunchiness that you’d want from any good cookie.


You also get perhaps the biggest selling point of the snack: its gooey chocolate centre. That contrast between the crunchy outsides and gooey filling is great, and flavour-wise, the filling is rich and viscous.


Cadbury’s cookies deliver the signature chocolatey taste the brand is famed for in an all-new format. Next time you’re looking for a sweet snack, be sure to check your local FairPrice to try these delectable treats!

A box of Cadbury Cookies usually goes for $3.20. To mark the product’s launch, FairPrice is offering a launch promo of $2.75 for one box, and $5 for two.

Buy the Cadbury Cookies online here!


Photos taken by Melvin Mak
This post was brought to you by Cadbury.

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