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Get Salted Egg Mochi Balls And “Duck Shit” Tea At This Taiwanese Cafe In JB

3rd June 2024

CHADDEE is a Taiwanese-style cafe in Johor Bahru Mount Austin


Mount Austin in Johor Bahru is brimming with trendy cafes, but there’s none like CHADDEE, a minimalist teahouse that brings you a slice of Taiwan. It’s easy to spot the cafe—just keep your eyes out for a huge signboard that reads CHADDEE against red brick walls.

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Given their wide tea selection, we took some time to decide on our drinks. After much thought, my colleague and I went with the Phoenix Duck-shit Oolong Tea (RM21.50+/~S$6.10), mainly because the name was particularly interesting. It was especially humid during the day of our visit, so we also got a cup of Coconut Lemonade (RM15.50+/~S$4.40) to try. And being a huge fan of anything made with glutinous rice, I had to order their Glutinous Rice Cakes (RM11.90+/~S$3.40) as well.

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Since they specialise in teas, it’s no surprise that my favourite item was the Phoenix Duck-shit Oolong Tea. The open kitchen concept allows you to watch the tea master prepare your tea from scratch, which I found to be an interesting experience.


The Phoenix Duck-shit Oolong Tea was warm and toasty. You first get a full-bodied, floral fragrance, followed by a lovely balance of bittersweet flavours with a slightly astringent aftertaste.


Our tea paired well with the Glutinous Rice Cakes served in a basket of five balls. Girl math: this works out to less than $0.70 per piece. These chewy rice cakes are deep-fried with green tea leaves on the batter, and packed with a thick yet smooth salted egg custard within. The custard leans on the sweeter side, so I encourage you to get a pot of tea ready on the side.


The Coconut Lemonade was nothing much to shout about. Though it made for a refreshing quencher, the coconutty flavour paled in comparison to the sour lemonade.


Another memorable element of this cafe was the well-lit and spacious interior. I recall seeing a group of customers engaged in a meeting over some tea, proving how quiet and relaxing the space is.

Since we visited at noon when the sun was out, we chose to sit indoors. But if you’re heading down at night, there will be a stretch of camping chairs and tables outside the cafe amidst the lively city atmosphere. Here’s a tip: CHADDEE closes at 12am every day, so make your way down for supper if you’re in the area. 

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Address: 2, Jalan Austin Heights 7/8, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 12am
CHADDEE is a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Paula Formantes and edited by Maisie Chong.
This was an independent visit by

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