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Crystal Jade Has Over 25% Off Mooncakes In Popular Flavours Such As Macau Peanut Candy And Pulut Hitam

11th August 2023

Crystal Jade has early bird mooncake deals for 2023

Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 is upon us, and if you’re gearing up for the festivities, you know that shopping for mooncakes is on the agenda. There are tons of options available, but if you’re looking for a one-stop shop to purchase both traditional and trendy flavours, with a good deal to boot, Crystal Jade is right up your alley.

crystal jade flatlay mooncakes 2023

They will be having early bird pre-order sales via their online store from now till 31 August. During this period, Crystal Jade’s Jadeite members can get 25% off their order. If you’re not a member yet, don’t fret, as you’ll still be able to enjoy 18% off with a UOB Card. On top of that, purchasing online gets you an additional 5% off—just use the code ‘M23EB5’ when you order.

crystal jade snow skin mooncakes 2023

FYI: signing up to be a Jadeite member is entirely free! You can register here.

crystal jade baked mooncakes

If you’re spoilt for choice when browsing their catalogue, here are some of our recommendations. Baked mooncake lovers can expect a selection of Cantonese and Teochew mooncakes crafted by hand, with crowd favourites making a comeback this year.

cut shot of crystal jade mooncakes 2023

The Single Yolk With Lotus Paste ($78 for four) is an all-time classic, but if you’re a fan of sweet-savoury combos, we’d recommend also trying their Signature Mixed Nuts With Jinhua Ham ($80 for four). The latter is nutty, sweet, and salty, with the right amount of crunch from the mixed nuts—a multi-dimensional delight.

crystal jade snow skin mooncakes

For snowskin fans, Crystal Jade is offering box sets of four or eight snowskin mooncakes, priced at $42 and $68 respectively. With the former, you get one piece each from their four snowskin flavours. The latter gets you two pieces each.

snow skin mooncakes crystal jade 2023

All the flavours are inspired by familiar local treats. There’s the Gula Melaka With Chinese Yam & Coconut, which tastes like a combination between orh nee and chendol, complete with a molten palm sugar middle. 

macau peanut candy snowskin

The Roasted Chestnut is earthy and not too sweet, with a white lotus paste and a whole chestnut that recalls the popular streetside snack.

peanut candy snowskin

The Macau Peanut Candy pairs QQ snowskin with a crunchy, nutty middle.

pulut hitam mooncake

Finally, the Black Glutinous Rice Pulut Hitam is rich, dense, and laced with notes of lemak coconut milk.

crystal jade 2023 mooncakes

If you’re not able to shop for mooncakes before the early bird promo is over, don’t sweat it. Jadeite members get 18% off, and UOB Cardmembers get 12% off instead, on top of the extra 5% discount if you order online.

Order Crystal Jade mooncakes here!

Photos taken by John Lery Villanueva.
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