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Duckland – TungLok’s New Restaurant Serving Duck Bolognese And Duck Confit Waffle At United Square

8th February 2019

Duckland at United Square

Duckland - Roast Duck with Special SaucesThe Tung Lok Group has expanded their restaurant empire yet again, with a casual duck-focused eatery at United Square. Opened in January 2019 at United Square Shopping Mall, Duckland is for those on #TeamDuck as their choice of protein.

Nearly everything on the menu features duck. From more common Asian dishes such as Roast Duck ($28++ for half, $50++ for whole duck) to unique Western creations including a scrummy Spaghetti Duck Bolognese ($13++) and  Duck Confit Waffle ($20++), which features a buttermilk waffle and sunny side up.

Duckland - Duck Confit & Waffle

However, based on online reviews, we reckon you should skip this waffle dish, as it is said to be rather lacklustre.

As a lover of duck fat fries, I can imagine how rich all the dishes will taste, as each and everyone of them are fried in duck fat. While this may sound unhealthy, duck fat is actually good for you as it helps reduce cholesterol levels. So you get delicious food, without much artery clogging badness.

For those who were crazy about London Fat Duck when they first opened, you will be glad to know that Duckland also uses the same prized Irish ducks from Silver Hill Farm. Known for being the best in the world, the ducks served here are extremely succulent, with a nice layer of fat to give it a rich flavour profile. And unlike those $15 whole ducks you get from coffee shop, the ducks here are far from gamey and boast a crispy skin when roasted.

Duckland - Irish Lamb Stew

Aside from duck grub, they also have other hearty, non-duck Irish dishes  This includes a comforting Irish Lamb Stew ($22++) featuring tender chunks of lamb, potatoes and carrots. The broth is rather punchy, with a slight heat from peppercorns and a strong rosemary tang.

Duckland - Bacon, Cabbage & Colcannon

Another dish that caught our interest was the Bacon, Cabbage and Colcannon ($20++ dish), which is a traditional Irish dish that’s commonly enjoyed on St Patrick’s Day.

For more quacking good duck dishes, check out our review of Jin Ji Braised Duck and our list of 10 braised duck rice stalls in Singapore!

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Address: 101 Thomson Road, #B1-09&64/65, United Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 307591
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Tel: 6259 5668


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