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New Brown Sugar Boba Toasts With Milo Powder At Eighteen Chefs

30th April 2019

Brown Sugar Boba Toast at Eighteen Chefs

Boba Toast - Eighteen Chefs
Image credit: @eighteenchefs

Bubble tea has pretty much evolved into a subculture at this point, with ice-cream, pastries and even Tinder bios themed after this sweet drink. The latest joint to hop onto the boba bandwagon is Eighteen Chefs with their new line of Brown Sugar Boba Toasts.

Boba Toast - Original Toast
Image credit: @cxxkie.mxnster_0203

The dishes are exactly what they sound like: butter-toasted bread topped with brown sugar, milk foam and a hefty amount of tapioca pearls – a concoction that will make any APAG quiver with excitement.

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Best of all, they come in two variants that will please the masses – Original ($8.80 for a la carte, $6.80 for students) and Milo ($9.80 for a la carte, $7.80 for students). That’s right, students get to enjoy these toasties at a cheaper price – so whip out your student card before heading to the nearest Eighteen Chefs outlet.

Boba Toast - Milo Toast
Image credit: @s94._.a96

Like most Singaporeans, I’m gunning for the Milo toast that beckons with a sinful dollop of Milo powder. Unfortunately, it seems like these dishes are becoming harder to get by the day. We popped by the Djitsun Mall outlet at Bedok yesterday and were told that they’ve run out of stock.

Boba Toast - Pearls
Image credit: @eighteenchefs

According to the lucky souls who have tried the toasts, they’re a little on the cloying side, which bodes well for sweet tooths like myself. The pearls have also received rave reviews for their softness and chewiness. That being said, most customers recommend sharing the toast with a partner as the portions are generous.

If social media is anything to go by, the toasts are becoming more popular by the day. So if you wanna sink your teeth into these delectable desserts, head to your nearest Eighteen Chefs outlet now! For those who want a full course of all things BBT, check out Shuang Yeh’s Boba Milk Tea ice-cream bar and Brotherbird’s Boba Croissant.

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