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FoodXervices Inc Now Has An Online Store With Over 4,000 Groceries At Wholesale Prices

9th April 2020

FoodXervices Inc online store

FoodXervice Site
Image credit: FoodXervices Inc

The COVID-19 situation has been a downer with far-reaching effects on our community. Even online food delivery—one of our last bastions of hope—is facing some struggles, in terms of the lack of delivery slots and goods. Thankfully, desperate grocery shoppers now have another alternative to turn to—in the form of FoodXervices Inc. The food distributor has set up an online wholesale grocery store with over 4,000 products including rice, canned meat, and even toilet paper.

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Thai Rice
Image credit: FoodXervices Inc

Since it’s pretty new, most of the stuff you need to get through the circuit breaker period are in stock. That means you won’t have to brave long lines at your nearest supermarket. Although we don’t condone them, hoarders will have an absolute field day browsing through the site as it also offers bulk purchases.

For instance, you can get a whole carton of Thai rice at just $82.50—that’s $13.75 per packet!

Toilet paper
Image credit: FoodXervices Inc

You’re also covered on the toiletries front with 12 bags of toilet paper costing $52.25. That means 120 rolls at just $0.40 each. Knock on wood, that’ll probably last you beyond 4 May 2020.

The best part of it all, you can get free delivery as long as you spend more than $60! Given our predilection to be kiasu, this is an easy feat for most Singaporeans. Alternatively, you can opt to collect your barang-barang at their warehouse at 218 Pandan Loop.

News of this site is on the down-low for now, so you would be wise to start shopping before word gets out. I showed my mum the website as I was writing this article, and we’ve now completed grocery shopping for the next two weeks.

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Address: 218 Pandan Loop, #01-01, XPACE, Singapore 128408

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