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Get SG’s First “Roffle” AKA Rosti Waffle At This New Ubi Cafe

4th December 2023

GDMC x SEAL Cafe has SG’s first rosti burger in Ubi


If you love those Swiss potato pancakes named rosti as much as I do, you’ll be excited to hear about this latest innovation. The newly opened GDMC x SEAL cafe has revealed its Roffle dish, which is essentially a waffle-shaped rosti used as “buns” in a burger. This means you can have all the crispy and yummy goodness of rosti while also enjoying the fillings of a burger, such as cheese and meat patties.


There are four types of rosti burgers you can order, namely the Chicken Roffle ($10.80), Fish Roffle ($10.80), Lamb Roffle ($12.80) and Beef Roffle ($12.80). The ingredient before the word “roffle” indicates the kind of patty you’re getting, while the rest of the burger consists of cheese, scrambled eggs, sour cream, and of course, two rosti waffles holding it all together.


The rosti looks like a waffle because they are cooked in a waffle maker rather than a regular pan. While it doesn’t add too much in the way of texture, in my opinion at least, it certainly gives the Roffle an interesting appearance.

You can also get the conventional rosti dish as a Rosti Dinner. Like the Roffle, there are four meat options to choose from. The Steak Dinner ($13.80) seems the most promising, with a slab of steak joined by rosti, regular waffles, and coleslaw. You can also order the regular waffles separately under the name Original Belgian Waffle ($6.50).


GDMC x SEAL also offers a range of beverages and desserts, which are all tightly sealed with a machine—hence the name SEAL. These include cold brew teas such as Summer Mango ($6.80) and Green Tea Lychee ($6.80), coffee such as Cappuccino ($6.50) and Mocha Latte ($7.50), and Soft Serve Ice Cream (from $6.50).


The cafe is seven-minute walk away from Ubi MRT Station, so if it’s convenient for you, it may be worth it to drop by GDMC x SEAL and give its unique Roffles a shot.

For affordable rosti dishes in Kovan, read our Picky Snout review. For a brunch cafe with rosti in six flavours, check out our South Side Keppel coverage.

Address: 71 Ubi Crescent, #01-01, Studio GDMC, Singapore 408572
Opening hours: Daily 9am to 11pm
GDMC x SEAL is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Kaedynce Chew.
This was a media tasting at GDMC x SEAL.

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