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Genki Sushi Is Giving Away 100 Boxes Of Free Sushi At Their New Bishan Outlet

15th August 2018

Free sushi at Genki Sushi’s new Bishan outlet 

Genki Sushi Bishan Dai Man Zoku

Bishan residents no longer need to make a trip to town for Mentaiko Mayo Fries and Seared Salmon Mentaiko Sushi because Genki Sushi is opening a new outlet at Junction 8 on 17 August 2018.

Free Sushi🍣 at Genki Sushi's New Bishan Outlet
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Free Sushi🍣 at Genki Sushi's New Bishan Outlet

Genki Sushi Bishan Free Sushi

To celebrate the grand opening, Genki Sushi will be giving away 100 boxes of sushi! The giveaway is based on a first-come-first served basis and is limited to just one box per person.

You’ll get five nigiri sushi (worth $5.50) per box and I wouldn’t complain about waiting in line for these beauties, especially since they’re free. The giveaway starts at 11am so make sure you get in line early to avoid any disappointment.

Genki Sushi Bishan Seared Salmon Belly with Black Pepper sideview

Besides the new outlet in Bishan, fans of Genki Sushi have additional reason to cheer with the release of Dai Man Zoku Vol.2 at all outlets. A romanisation of the Japanese Kanji 大満足, which means maximum satisfaction, this menu features sushi that are approximately 1.5 times bigger than regular ones.

The upsized sushi are priced at $1.90++ per piece and come in 12 different variations, up from the eight in Dai Man Zoku Vol.1, which was released earlier this year in February. The new additions to this volume include Seared Steamed Oyster with Black Pepper, Jumbo Crabstick Mentaiyaki, Maguro Tataki, Jumbo Ebi Fry, and Seared Fluke Fin.

Genki Sushi Bishan DMZ Seared Salmon Belly with Black Pepper

The sushi must span from one end of the plate to another to be assessed as Dai Man Zoku-worthy. The extra large sushi makes it a challenge to stuff the entire sushi into my mouth, but the resulting experience is a huge explosion of flavour that gives a really shiok feeling.

Genki Sushi Bishan Jumbo Ebi Fry

One of my personal favourite from the new Dai Man Zoku range is the Jumbo Ebi Fry. A jumbo prawn is breaded with panko, then deep-fried to perfection. A dollop of tobiko (flying fish roe) mayo is squeezed on top to give an additional touch of flavour. For those who like munching on juicy prawn heads, the heads on the prawns are left intact for you to suck on all the gooey goodness.

Genki Sushi Bishan Scallop

There are also new additions to the expansive menu with items such as Scallop Wasabi ($2.30++), Ebi Fry Don ($8.80++), Crispy Prawns with Yuzu Mayo ($4.80++)Salmon Roe ($4.20++) and several others.

Genki Sushi Bishan Salmon Roe

A huge fan of ikura, the Salmon Roe Sushi drew me in with its shimmering glossy roes that were just sparkling under the light. This sushi uses Sujiko, which is different from ikura as its roes are still inside the sac when prepared. The sacs are a result of being sliced directly off the fish in a single sheet and covered on top of the sushi like a blanket. The roes are much darker in colour and give off a much sweeter taste as compared to ikura.

Genki Sushi Bishan Interior

Located on the first floor of Junction 8, the 66-seater outlet joins Bugis+, Chinatown Point, Orchard Central, Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Waterway Point as Genki Sushi’s sixth store in Singapore. Inside, you will find the restaurant’s customary plush sofa seats and counter tables, along with the famous Kousoku sushi delivery system that delivers your order straight to you by train.

Now that it’s in Bishan and has a newly revamped menu, there’s additional reason to visit one of Singapore’s most beloved sushi restaurant. Will you be queuing up for the free boxes of sushi on Friday? Sound off in the comments below!

Address: 9 Bishan Place, #01-22/30, Junction 8, Singapore 579837
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 10pm
Tel: 6816 2151
Genki Sushi is not a halal restaurant.

This post is brought to you by Genki Sushi.

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