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Haidilao Has New Convenient Food Including Mapo Tofu And Kung Pao Shrimp From $4

8th May 2020

Haidilao Convenient Food

a set of prepacked meals
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Even though the end of our Circuit Breaker measures is in sight, those looking forward to dining out might need to wait a lil’ longer—depending on how the new social distancing rules play out. In that regard, hotpot dates and noodle dances at Haidilao won’t be happening anytime soon. Thankfully, the chain is stepping up by delivering their soup bases to customers, and more recently, creating Convenient Food.

This range of prepacked dishes includes the likes of braised pork meat, mapo tofu, white fungus soup and more.

fungus soup
Image credit: Haidilao Singapore’s Facebook page

As of writing, there are seven dishes under the Haidilao Convenient Food range, with the Pumpkin Red Dates White Fungus Soup being the cheapest at $4. The remaining six dishes are:

  • Mapo Tofu ($7)
  • Pickled Vegetable Fish ($10)
  • Chopped Chili Basa Fish ($10)
  • Kung Pao Shrimp ($10)
  • Beef Stew with Ketchup ($8)
  • Braised Pork Meat ($8)

mapo tofu
Image credit: Haidilao Singapore’s Facebook page

Eating it is an easy affair. Simply pop the box into a microwave oven, and cook it for four minutes. Once that’s done, you’ll end up with a hot restaurant-quality meal. Spicy food lovers will wanna try the Mapo Tofu and Chopped Chili Basa Fish which are tongue-numbing.

To get the Haidilao Convenient Food for your next meal, simply call these outlets or order ‘em online:

If you intend to stock up on these dishes for future meals, do note that they have an expiry date of four days from their production date.

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