Fashion Designer Turned Home-Based Hawker Sells Crispy Hei Piah
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Fashion Designer Turned Home-Based Hawker Sells Crispy Hei Piah

11th May 2022

Hei Piah Family prawn fritter

crispy prawn fritterImage credit: @nomninjas

Prawn fritters, or hei piah, is an item that often accompanies wu xiang—the dish with many ingredients such as Chinese sausages and the eponymous Hokkien minced meat roll. It’s essentially a deep-fried battered snack that comes with a whole prawn-in-shell. During the two darkest months of 2020—AKA Circuit Breaker—32-year-old Amos Ananda Yeo started Hei Piah Family, selling the crispy morsels from his home. 

Amos Yeo Hei Piah FamilyImage credit: @heipiahfamily

Originally a fashion designer, Amos left his business in Shenzhen to return to Singapore as the Covid-19 pandemic became more serious. Though Amos had initially wanted to venture into the Joo Chiat cafe scene with his ex-flight attendant wife, Laura, they felt that shelling out the capital in the midst of Covid-19 was too risky.

With both their income streams disrupted, the couple then took inspiration from Amos’ mother, who also sells handmade prawn fritters in Tuas, and started Hei Piah Family. Though his recipe uses the same ingredients of silverfish, onions, and spring onions as his mother’s, Amos’ hei piah are smaller but crispier. This results in a prawn fritter that’s not too jelak, making it suitable as a snack or alcohol accompaniment. 

Hei Piah Family DeliveryImage credit: @angmokiogb

Prices for the handmade Prawn Fritters start at $16 for 10 pieces, $30 for 20 pieces, and $75 for 50 pieces. Islandwide delivery is priced at $9, and is waived for orders of more than 100 pieces. 

prawn fritter with chilliImage credit: @heipiahfamily

These old-school hei piah are sold in both ready-to-eat and frozen versions, and you can place your orders via Whatsapp at 86964568. Slather some of their house-made garlic chilli over the Prawn Fritter to give it some kick.

Other than their signature Prawn Fritter, Hei Piah Family also sells crispy, flaky Popiah ($1). Eating too much fried food can be bad for you, so order a bowl of cold Peach Collagen ($2.50) to counteract the heatiness. 

For another home-based business selling traditional local delights, be sure to check out Sixth Floor Oyster Cake at their new location in Northshore Plaza. Alternatively, check out the newly opened Feng Zhen Lor Mee in Yishun for $4 lor mee! 

Tel: 8696 4568

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Featured image adapted from @heipiahfamily’s posts.

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