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Hey Tea: OG Cheese Bubble Tea Shop Now Open At ION Orchard

13th August 2018

Hey Tea opens at ION Orchard

Hey Tea Cheese Tea
Image credit: @foodiejacie

While many have turned up their noses at cheese tea, I am actually a huge fan. The dollop of cheese adds depth to the fragrant tea, giving it a nice creaminess and mellows down the tannins from tea. And now, the OG creators of the cheese tea trend, Hey Tea, has open up shop at ION Orchard.

Hey Tea fruit bubble tea
Image credit: @heyteaofficial

Originating from China, this famous bubble tea shop has been combining tea with cheese since 2011. Their following is massive, with queues lasting for hours at their Beijing and Shanghai stores. Hell, the store even had to hire security guards for crowd control and to keep people from jumping in line! That’s pretty crazy if you ask me – I won’t even queue for more than 10 minutes for my favourite Koi or Gong Cha.

Hey Tea long queue
Image credit: @angiechw

Their success can be due to their aesthetic branding. Unlike most bubble tea stores, Hey Tea takes pride in being stylish and elegant. The staff at their China outlets don denim blue aprons, with some wearing matching flat caps. Put that together with the minimalist interior and quirky logo, you’ve got yourself a winner. And of course, the snaking queues are always an attraction – people just love to join a line.

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Taste-wise, it’s nothing over the top. The cheese is slightly salty, which helps balance out the subtle bitterness tea has. Imported from New Zealand, the cheese they use is of high quality.

Hey Tea from China Cheese Tea
Image credit: @sichodd

A must-order for first-timers here is their cheese-capped Jinfeng Chawang. It is said to be one of their best-sellers, and boasts a sweet, flowery aroma.

Hey Tea Ice Cream
Image credit: @heyteaofficial

If their original cheese tea is too gao (thick), they also offer a lighter version that’s not too greasy. However, if cheese tea still grosses you out, they have other types of teas including fresh fruit teas. At some outlets in China, you can find soft-serve and pastries on the menu too!

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Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-29, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801

Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm

Featured image taken from Instagram user @foodiejacie‘s post.

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