HEYTEA Has New Convenience-Themed Stall At VivoCity With 1-For-1 Promo
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HEYTEA Has New Convenience-Themed Stall At VivoCity With 1-For-1 Promo

8th January 2021

HEYTEA at VivoCity

heytea vivocity - drinks

We last heard from HEYTEA earlier last year when they celebrated their second anniversary. Now, HEYTEA is back again with a new outlet set to open at VivoCity.

heytea vivocity

Image credit: HEYTEA

The new HEYTEA outlet will be located at the ground floor of VivoCity, right next to Crystal Jade. The decor of the store will mimic a convenience store, decked in grey, black, and orange hues.

heytea vivocity decor

Image credit: HEYTEA

To celebrate the opening, the store will also have 1-for-1 bubble tea from 9 to 11 January, for everything on their menu. The first 150 customers a day from 9 January to 13 January will also stand to get exclusive HEYTEA merch for free.

heytea vivocity - cheese foamImage credit: HEYTEA Singapore

Since HEYTEA currently only has three outlets, namely at ION Orchard, Westgate, and Marina Bay Sands, some may be unfamiliar with them. This bubble tea chain from China is best known for pioneering the cheese tea trend, where a dollop of creamy cheese foam is plopped atop bubble tea. Their latest outlet at VivoCity marks the first HEYTEA store in the South, great for fans of the chain.

heytea vivocity - strawberry mango boom

The BBT chain has an extensive menu and if you’re unsure of what to get with your 1-for-1 deal, we’ve got you covered. HEYTEA’s latest seasonal offering is the Strawberry Mango Boom ($8.90). This one’s a fruity concoction of green tea and coconut milk, topped with chunks of mango, strawberry fruit, and grapefruit pulp.

heytea vivocity - king fone cheezoImage credit: @mammambuddy

Alternatively, if you’re looking to try their popular cheese foam drinks, go for the King Fone Cheezo ($5.50). The King Fone Cheezo comprises aromatic oolong tea topped with rich cheese foam, also known in-store as Cheezo.

heytea vivocity - very grape cheezoImage credit: HEYTEA Singapore

Else, for the best of both worlds, the Very Grape Cheezo ($9.50) is another crowd favourite. Featuring fresh Kyoho grapes blended with green tea, this refreshing beverage is also finished with an indulgent cheese foam.

If these aren’t quite enough, keep your eyes peeled for HEYTEA’s seasonal drinks. From alcoholic Baileys BBT to Milo BBT with sundaes, the chain also often has interesting limited offerings for the adventurous.

New Baileys Boboshake Alcoholic Bubble Tea by Heytea And Baileys Irish Cream

For more F&B newcomers in the South, Shake Shack’s VivoCity outlet has also arrived, the South is rather happening. As for other openings, Yanmi Yogurt has recently opened their new outlet at Wisma Atria. Westies can also check out Tai Cheong Bakery’s new outlet at JEM.

Shake Shack VivoCity Opens 1 December With Kueh Ice Cream And Cookie Milkshake

Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-111, VivoCity, Singapore 098585

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