Honeypeachsg Bakery: IG-Worthy Customised Birthday Cakes, With Free Delivery Promos Too
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Honeypeachsg Bakery: IG-Worthy Customised Birthday Cakes, With Free Delivery Promos Too

12th May 2022

Affordable customised birthday cakes and more

customised birthday cakes - honeypeachsg bakery

Now that the restrictions on group gatherings are relaxed, it’s time to party with a vengeance! But responsibly, of course. For those who are planning to finally celebrate their birthdays in full glam mode, Honeypeachsg Bakery offers affordable customised birthday cakes with free delivery islandwide to boot. 

customised cakes - with baubles

If you’re looking for pretty and whimsical cakes on a budget, Honeypeachsg Bakery has a selection of cakes on promo every month. The featured bakes are refreshed on a monthly basis so birthday ICs in the office or at home can make full use of the discounts to present IG-worthy cakes at every celebration. 

You can save up to $31 on each cake, with an additional perk of having it delivered to the doorstep with no delivery charge. 

customised birthday cakes - tiered cake

You can customise the size, height, and flavour of your cake. Choose from four, six, or eight inches for the size, and classic or tall for the height. As for flavours, there are up to nine different choices, including Matcha White Chocolate, Strawberry Short Cake, Earl Grey Lavender and more. 

customised birthday cakes - double chocolate

We tried the Double Chocolate cake flavour and were impressed with the pleasantly moist cake crumb. The chocolatey flavour was full-on, with an added crunch from chocolate crisp pearls. It was also nice to note that the cream was adequately sweet, making it easy to finish a slice by ourselves. 

customised cakes - with tiara

These cakes on promo are decorated to the tee with baubles, pearls, galaxy swirls, edible flowers, tiaras, and feathers, but there are even more to choose from at Honeypeachsg Bakery. There are kids’ birthday cakes, wedding cakes, bento cakes, and even the classy nature-inspired cakes that are on-trend right now. Prices start from only $29.90 with a delivery fee of $9.90 for all locations except Sentosa and Tuas.

customised birthday cakes - birthday party

Honeypeachsg Bakery bakes their cakes fresh, so you’ll be able to trust them on quality for your important occasions. Do plan at least two to four days ahead if you’re getting a customised cake, as (edible) art takes time!

Otherwise, for those who want to attempt simple baking at home, here are some easy peasy Oreo dessert recipes or Milo dessert recipes to try out in the kitchen for the first time.

Order your customised birthday cakes here!

Address: 11 Irving Place, #01-01, Taiseng Point, Singapore 369551
Tel: 90884932
Honeypeachsg Bakery is not halal certified.

Photos taken by Chew Yi En.
This post is brought to you by Honeypeachsg Bakery.

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