HQ Italia: Rooftop Bar Serving New Naples-Style Calzones In Flavours Such As Truffle Porcini And Nutella
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HQ Italia: Rooftop Bar Serving New Naples-Style Calzones In Flavours Such As Truffle Porcini And Nutella

15th July 2021

HQ Italia with new stuffed calzone pizzas

HQ Italia - Calzones

HQ Italia is a rooftop dining bar with an alfresco sitting option at Oxley Bizhub. They specialise in Naples-style pizza made using fermented dough. Recently, they have introduced calzones, a popular street food from Italy. Chef Marcello of HQ Italia has curated various flavours for the folded pizza into a series known as Calzone Addiction.

HQ Italia - Calzone Box

They have a Calzone Box ($60), which features different flavours every month. Every box comes with one of each flavour. For those who prefer to try the pizza to-go, they have a minimum order of $60 with a delivery fee of $8. Otherwise, self pick-up comes with a 20% discount!

HQ Italia - Badboy Bolognese

Just like their pizzas, their calzones are made of a fermented dough recipe that goes through a preparation process of more than 48 hours.

These stuffed pizzas sport a thin and chewy crust, filled with generous servings of sweet and savoury fillings. You will find unique flavours such as Queen Margherita, Mama Maradona, Truffle Porcini, Badboy Bolognese, Mortadella Gorgonzola, and Nutella Banana. 

HQ Italia - Mortadella Gorgonzola

For savoury options, their Mortadella Gorgonzola has pungent and salty blue cheese within the pizza dough and is wrapped in a large slice of mouth-watering cured pork.

HQ Italia - Nutella Banana Calzone

Their Nutella Banana oozed with thick chocolate Nutella sauce that is balanced by fruity flavours of caramelised banana, with an added crunch from nuts.

HQ Italia - Ambience
Image credit: @hq_kitchen_bar

At their rooftop bar, they also have a relatively broad menu with thin crust pizzas, which includes classics such as Parma Ham ($26), or gourmet flavours such as Truffle Porcini ($35). For pasta mains, they offer the typical Bolognese ($22) and Carbonara ($22) too. Finally, for the meat lovers, Hq Italia has 120 Day Grass Fed 200 ($29) beef, which has been touted to be a relatively more environmentally friendly meat option compared to grain-fed beef.

For more food around the area, check out our Ubi food guide for prawn noodles, yong tau foo and more. For more Naples-style pizza, check out our review of 800 Woodfired Kitchen that is a Muslim-owned restaurant with a delicious truffle-based sauce pizza.

Address: 62 Ubi Road 1, Level 11 Rooftop, Oxley Bizhub 2, Singapore 408734
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am to 10:30pm
Delivery hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am to 8:30pm

Photos taken by Keith Kok. 

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