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Idaten Udon Has Affordable Build-Your-Own Udon Bowl

15th December 2023

Idaten Udon has customisable udon bowls

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While ramen restaurants are aplenty in Singapore, there are significantly fewer udon specialty joints around. If you’re like me and love udon, Idaten Udon is a well-established self-service udon restaurant where you can pick from a variety of udon, rice bowls, and tempura options.

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With four convenient locations across Singapore, you can easily get your udon fix in the Northeast at NEX, the East at Changi City Point, the North at Causeway Point, and the West at Jurong Point.

Here, you place your order before finding a seat. It’s a straightforward process: select your preferred base of udon or rice, pick your choice of tempura from the counter, and proceed to make payment.

Image credit: Dani Kristyawati-Teo

Prices start from $6.90 for a bowl of kake udon, udon in a clear dashi broth, or zaru udon, which is cold udon served with a chilled tsuyu sauce. For a classic option, there’s the Kitsune Udon ($7.90), which features two deep-fried tofu pockets in a shoyu-based dashi broth. 

Otherwise, if you’re craving something meaty, consider the Beef Udon ($10.90) or Kinoko Pork Udon ($12.50). Feel free to help yourself to the free-flow wakame and tempura flakes, which add a crunch and extra flavour to the soup.


Long queues but they actually move very fast since the chefs cook at the speed of light. Really like the fast order concept, apparently its common in Japan too. Comfort food, bouncy noodles, healthy and umami soy milk base broth. My parents loved it as well. The spicy version is better imo, and curry chicken cullet was pretty standard. 1) Pirikara Tonyu Udon – $12.90 2) Black Pepper Tonyu Udon – $12.90 📍Idaten Udon – Nex #sg #sgfoodie #tiktokfood #wheretoeat

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For something more interesting, try Idaten Udon’s latest special━a soya milk-based udon that’s said to be milky and super nourishing, priced at $12.90. If you’re seeking something spicy, opt for the Pirikara Soya Milk Udon. Otherwise, for just a touch of heat, the peppery Black Pepper Soya Milk Udon is a great alternative. Both come with your choice of meat: Beef, Chicken Steak, or Pork.

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Besides the usual udon soup, another option is the savoury Garlic Chicken Maze Udon ($11.50), served with an onsen egg which adds an extra richness. 

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There’s also the crowd favourite creamy Mentai Carbonara Udon ($11.90), which can be paired with ebi or a chicken steak.

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For a rice alternative, consider the Niku Curry Don, which comes with your choice of meat: Chicken ($9.20), Beef ($9.50), or Pork ($9.50). Alternatively, for a vegetarian option, the meatless Mapo Tofu Don ($7.50+) is a great choice too.

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Complete your bowl of udon or rice with their freshly fried tempura, available at prices ranging from $1.70 to $4.30 a piece. Choose from a variety of options, including Jumbo Kani Tempura, Potato Croquette, Enoki, Japanese Sweet Potato, Chicken Gyoza, Ebi Katsu and more.

Tracy Juice Culture is a vegan-friendly cafe that offers unique fruit juice curry udon, mushroom udon and more. Otherwise, drop by Manpuku Sando, a new hole-in-the-wall sando cafe in Orchard.

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Idaten Udon is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from Dani Kristyawati-Teo.

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