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RedMart Has A Limited-Time Sale Of Over 100 Unique Products Imported Directly From Japan

22nd March 2019

Japan Hyper Fest At RedMart

Japan Hyper Fest Flat

It’s now easier to get a taste of Japan with the latest collaboration between Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and RedMart.

Featuring over 100 unique Japanese products, RedMart’s Japan Hyper Fest lets you save up to 30% off on your favourite Japanese snacks and produce.

There will also be unique specialty products from the many different prefectures of Japan, along with three manufacturers who will be exporting their delicious snacks for the very first time.

All of the items are in stock, so you can get them delivered to your doorstep any time between 7am and 10pm, on any day of the week.

Japan Hyper Fest Zelico Seasoned Small Crab Snacks

At the top on our list is the Zelico Seasoned Small Crab Snacks ($7.50). Also referred to as Tamagogani, seafood lovers will fall in love with this umami-rich snack, with crunchy dried crabs covered in sesame seeds and flavoured with a sweet sauce.

The crabs are carefully preserved in their natural form, then fried till crisp. Bursting with loads of rich and briny seafood flavours, they’re extremely addictive.

The crabs go great with an ice cold beer, and it’s hard to find another snack that packs such a strong flavourful punch.

Japan Hyper Fest Sennarido Crispy Green Wasabi Pistachio Snack

Wasabi-coated peanuts are given an added touch of refinement as seen in the Sennarido Crispy Green Wasabi Pistachio Snack ($3.50).

Coated with an uber crispy crust, the pistachio nuts had a delightful crunch to them. The pistachio also gave an added rich and earthy touch, faring much better as compared to regular peanuts.

I liked how the spices are delicately balanced, unlike some wasabi-coated nuts that can make me cringe in pain.

Japan Hyper Fest Kitou Ehime Yuzu Miso

For those looking to inject a little vibrancy to their meals, be sure to add Kitou Ehime Yuzu Miso ($4.90) in your shopping cart. Made from Ehime yuzu, this versatile miso paste can be mixed with rice, tofu, noodles, meat and vegetables.

Each spoonful is loaded with a nice mix of acidity, sweetness and saltiness. You can smear the miso on grilled brinjal for a luxurious touch.

Japan Hyper Fest JA Yamagata Apple Juice

Using only high quality ruby apples from the Yamagata prefecture, JA Yamagata Apple Juice ($3.50) has no added flavouring and is known for its slightly tart taste that makes it refreshing.

Ideal on a hot day, there’s nothing better than drinking this apple juice, especially when it’s studded with a generous amount of ice cubes.

Japan Hyper Fest Odagaki Tambaguro Roasted Black Soybean Kinako Powder

Fans of Japanese desserts and mochi might be familiar with Odagaki Tambaguro Roasted Black Soybean Kinako Powder ($4.90). Commonly sprinkled on warabimochi and Japanese sweets, this variant uses only Tamba Black soybeans from the Hyogo prefecture.

Japan Hyper Fest Odagaki Tambaguro Roasted Black Soybean Kinako Powder with milk

For a quick but decadent nightcap, try mixing a spoonful of the powder with a cold glass of milk. The powder gives off a rich nuttiness to the milk that ought to make for a good night’s sleep.

With so many to choose from, it’s easy to get spoilt for choice with a wide variety of snacks at the Japan Hyper Fest. Note that these products will only be available for purchase from now till 31st March 2019, so it’s a good idea to add them to your cart soon!

If you missed out on the items, fret not and follow JETRO on Facebook for the latest updates on Japanese food and products.

Check out Japan Hyper Fest on RedMart here!

Photos taken by Koh Huiqing.
This post is brought to you by Japan External Trade Organization.

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